What HAPPENED to these CALLAWAY Golf Clubs… no one BUYING!?

We take a look at these Callaway golf clubs and why over the last two years I have said to stay away from them! Potentially not now though

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29 thoughts on “What HAPPENED to these CALLAWAY Golf Clubs… no one BUYING!?

  1. I managed to get CF16 5-PW for £140. They had Project X 6.0 shafts which were crazy heavy at 120 Gram per shaft. I pulled these and for £80 got Callaway 75 gram graphite shafts and fitted these to swing weight of DO. Feel is 10/10 sound is 8-9/10 graphite give of a bazar crack sound, accuracy no issues away better than the 6.0 steels. Club head speed jumped 10MPH too.
    Golf partner 4HCP who plays P790 for the past decade even agreed they felt and played as good as his replacement P790s.

  2. Man I game these still and every time I get that itch I test the newer apex’s and kinda get the same thing. Maybe it’s time to test the pros or TCBs!

  3. I just bought a set of Apex19 irons with graphite shafts from Callaway Pre-owned for $603.00. They were listed as "very good" in the condition rating. When they arrived, the full set was wrapped in plastic. These clubs were never hit. I cannot recommend these clubs more highly. The feel is fantastic!

  4. I currently play callaway razr x forged cb irons. They are amazing. I had been looking online at the mbs but found the cavity backs at a pawn shop. I love the profile, i got 3-pw for $420. The face has extra grooves for more spin. I can pretty carry the ball all the way to the pin and it stop. I havent found a great review of them on YouTube so i may have to make one. I think they are a really slept on set of irons. They came out in 2012, i got mine 4 years ago and they were really like new. 10 years after their release and i dont see myself changing clubs any time soon

  5. Found myself a set of Apex Pro -14 version 3-PW for 150£, dont sleep on older models and more so when its players irons, not much happening to them!

  6. I remember reading all the reviews how everyone on the forums went nuts for these. I bought into the hype and bought them. The absolute worst iron I ever hit in my life. No forgiveness and feel like hitting rocks. I sold them instantly they are terrible. Callaways worst iron in my opinion but different strokes for different folks.

  7. I have the 2016, 4 to pw stiff shift currently play off 5.
    Also got them for my sons first set, he took a stretch and now needs longer shafts, seems it will be cheaper to buy another set than to extend the shafts. My daughter also has the xr in senior flex. Great clubs

  8. Currently got these in the bag! Picked up great condition set off FB for £150. I was waiting for custom fitted irons but took 7 months so ended up cancelling. Was supposed to get refit but really liking these at the moment! Best of both worlds these.

  9. I moved from Titleist (710) AP2 to the Apex DCB set this year. Instantly added 20 meters onto my 7 Iron, but the sound is incredibly weird and took a lot of getting used to. I have to say after I bought them I initially thought I'd made a very expensive mistake, but I've had them for about 8 weeks now, and I'm delighted with them – the Approach Wedge alone was worth it.

  10. Love my Apex cf16 Got 5-Pw originally then added a 4i and GW to the set
    More recently added the original Apex 3i with graphite shaft and ditched my driver and fairway woods as consistently hit 260 off tee with it.
    The irons feel superb for forged and are still workable and look fantastic
    Had for two seasons now and doubt I’ll swap for several years more at the earliest
    Normally play 2-3/week

  11. These clubs didn't market well because they don't have the desirable traits the Hogan Apex line had – ie: blade to muscle forged flange, thin top line, good metal…

    Also the cavity emblems fall out. Good luck on that call to customer service.

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