Why Ayrton Senna is the GREATEST Formula 1 driver of all time…

I think Ayrton Senna might just be the greatest Formula 1 driver ever. I know… controversial. But people usually oversee Ayrton Senna purely because he didn't achieve as much as Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton. But in my eyes, greatness is about so much more than numbers. So, let me take you through why I think Ayrton Senna is actually much much greater than both Schumi and Lewis. Trust me, I will change your mind.

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0:00 Introduction
0:55 Who is Ayrton Senna?
2:25 Senna's F1 career
4:26 Why is he the greatest?

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19 thoughts on “Why Ayrton Senna is the GREATEST Formula 1 driver of all time…

  1. I don't think that Senna was the most talented driver ever. Maybe he was, but I don't think so. I believe Fangio, Schumacher, and Hamilton were/are more talented. Even Prost may have been more naturally talented. Mansell was an extremely talented driver, definitely more talented than Piquet, yet he only won the championship once while Piquet won it three times. And talent is only one part of the equation leading to success. The other part is hard work, luck, and most importantly, the car, and being able to sit in the best car at the right time. On the other hand, why IMO Senna was really the greatest driver ever is because of his unequalled dedication and commitment. He decided that he's going to be the best driver, and he did everything needed to achieve this. And he succeeded. This became evident for me when he talked about how bad he was driving in the rain when racing go-karts. But he decided he was going to be the best, and so he grabbed every opportunity to be out on the track and practice anytime it was raining, and he practiced so much that he became the best. This incredible and unmatched commitment carried him along throughout his career—to always improve himself and to never accept that anybody could be better than him. You're not a racing driver if you don't seize EVERY opportunity to overtake, he used to say (not a verbatim quote). This was his real greatness! "There is no compromise; you give everything you have, absolutely everything." And this commitment led him to that fateful race, when instead he could have gone fishing with Sid Watkins. Because he couldn't stop…

  2. I couldn't believe it that day when I was watching the race when my hero died in front of me live on tv and there will never be another driver like ayrton senna again he was special

  3. There was never a driver as good as him. The most talented and DEDICATED (that’s very important to remember) pilot in F1’s history. I always make an analogy to Ronaldo, The Phenomenon. Arguably the most gifted in the sport and if their careers had been longer, they would’ve achieved so much more. Anyway, Senna was not only an incredible racer, but a hero for all of us here in Brazil. A role model for discipline, determination, faith and class. And even though I was born 10 years after his death, he is still one of my idols. A true icon for the brazilian nation and for the whole sporting world.
    Senna sempre ???

  4. He was truly an original in terms of his driving style which never fail to excite, someone special that you don't see after him. Definitely the greatest of all time.

  5. ? the day he died was all because of his compassionate heart and sad /upset mind from day before fellow rider death… his concentration/focus level hits before he hits the walls.. he was not in state of mind of racer that day…. it's not machine failure it's human failure to fight with emotions.. cruelty was the race organiser had not cancelled the race….that means they dont care about people life over money.. You will always in our heart … legend ❤️

  6. And don’t forget his 1 gear win at Interlagos while it was raining… arguably the rain probably helped Senna, he’s a master in it and no one else could compete.

    I was born years away from ever even seeing Senna’s funeral, I likely wouldn’t have heard of him, but my dad introduced me to him one day when he pointed out the replica of his helmet sitting in a Tag Heuer shop. He told me he was the greatest who ever drove in the sport, the GOAT if you will, and he himself had cheered for him because of the one little Senna MacLaren car he got as a kid. He told me he died in a crash while racing. Later on, we were on the plane when I saw Top Gear’s documentary on his life from 2004. I opened it up on the video screen and ran through the whole documentary, replaying parts of it several times. He is now my favourite driver and I believe the indisputable GOAT of the sport, from his technical driving ability to the goodness in his person. Now I follow Formula 1, thanks to that one documentary on his life. I always wanted to be a racecar driver as a kid but I am content to sit, watch and cheer for my national heroes on the grid. More people need to see that documentary, it’s really influential and more need to hear about Senna, and not for his achievements on the track but so much more for his legacy off of it.

  7. Absolutely true! Senna is the greatest formula one champion of all time, as he's unique in his humbleness, compassion, generosity and intelligence, let alone his natural genius skills in racing…❤?

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