Keeping your kinetic chain in sync and in balance throughout the golf swing doesn't require a lot of thinking. It is achieved with the right task and proper techniques that help reinforce your anatomy. The drills we will show you in this lesson are just a small sample of what we at Wisdom In Golf teach. To experience more of this knowledge, you really want to come and join our awesome premium website right now at https://www.wisdomingolfpremium.com for the best wisdom in the industry!!

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00:00 Shawn Introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu
01:51 Where your Kinetic Balance is within your golf swing
03:42 Drill 1: Swinging into your finish
11:27 Drill 2: The walking Drill
13:32 Drill 3: The Two Swing Drill
15:11 Drill 1 w/ Mu
17:27 Drill 2 w/ Mu
19:54 Drill 3 w/ Mu
20:54 Walking Drill from a right-hand perspective
23:30 Two Swing Drill w/ Shawn
25:00 Swinging into your finish w/ Shawn
26:09 Shawn ends the Lesson

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  1. Thanks shawn?im from the uk and tomorrow enter another lock down.. I had a really bad game of golf 2 days ago and saw this video and thought id go to the range for the last time for at least a month.. I did these drills and found the sweetspot without trying. Thanks sooo much for exciting me about the game again.. ?

  2. Sean I would like to say thank you for the video about balance now I understand why I was falling all over the place during my swing once again thank you

  3. Been working on the walking drill and it is getting better and better. I am going to incorporate the two swing drills. Once again thanks for teaching.

  4. What about the pressures applied through the feet into the ground? Since I've always tended to lose balance because I would get too much weight into my toes even though I don't set up too far from the ball. But after working on moving pressure into my trail heel on my back swing and moving pressure into my lead heel from transition through impact to finish, I maintain perfect balance and achieve great results with strike and accuracy of the shot. I watch many professionals feet when they swing. And it's obvious that they move pressure in this fashion. Of course, this isn't the only portion of swinging a club that needs to be performed properly. There's also proper use of the legs, hips and keeping the head behind the ball through impact as well as proper tilt of shoulders getting the lead shoulder down into the back swing.

  5. Shawn you have two awesome students. It’s good to see the lefties swinging the golf clubs. Do you know that Dustin Johnson who is a right handed golfer can drive a golf ball left handed 300 yards ? I believe that as you discussed the follow through with Mu that I realized that I roll my wrists after impact, and when I miss hit I believe I roll my hands during impact. It was a blind spot for me. The last detail, I hope. I would love to feel confident about hitting my drives much more consistently. I take so many notes, but not about this last detail. Your gentle instructions allowed me to willingly follow your advice. I once learned from my father how to drive a car, and he wasn’t a very patient man.

  6. Awesome stuff guys! This is a really great video with the drills that force you to stay with the shot, or you will not be able to do the drill. The Premium site is even better with more details. Thanks again!

  7. Here's a 5 day past new video of Bryson D & Kyle B working together at getting Brysons' swing speeds up even higher https://youtu.be/pibACnhf1Hc when I first saw them teamed up if I recall correctly, Bryson was swinging speeds in the high 120s and 132+ was his target to get to…..shattering that here in just a few short weeks learning from Kyles' sharing how he got his own speeds up
    Love that quote from the late, great Moe Norman too, just heard him saying that on one of Todd Graves videos I was watching last night, "I'm the only man that lets his clubs/swing balance me" – moe norman

  8. Shawn, You guys are awesome! I love how you explain things and your daughter Sav has a very impressive swing. I wish she was right handed but I can still get it!! Thank you for all your info it really helps!

  9. Thanks Shawn, Great lesson. I would love to come to your place for a personal lesson. Do you instruct at your facility? Or just a youtuber?

  10. I have a real problem with balance at times. Mostly with the driver. Appreciate your sharing this content with us. I used to box years ago as well, your kinetic chain demonstration makes all the sense in the world.

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