Will Lodge (10 yr old – Highlights) – 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship

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Junior golfer Will Lodge playing in the 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, NC from July 31 – August 2, 2014. Will played in the 10 year old division at Little River Golf & Resort in Pinehurst, NC. He shot 73, 71, 73 over the 54-hole three day tournament and placed 12th out of an international field of 152. The course played to 5,150 yards, where hole yardages ranged from 101-128 for par 3s, 246-351 for par 4s, and 369-489 for par 5s. The event included more than 1,200 kids aged 6-12 from over 30 countries.


Bs trading cards Liam golf says:

I play golf 10yr old

Chris Dougherty says:

Reminds me of speith

Officer Chip says:

Not a good song for golf lol. A good sport for this song would be baseball or football not a sport where you barely have any physical activity.

EpicPeter says:

Mashed potatoes 3:13

Flynn Carter says:

Mash potatoes 3:14

NDplaysMinecraft says:

that song has only one word in it

SuperSpeedyBryce says:

My second favorite one

Daniel Chopra says:

he is in a movie

Clorox Bleach says:

Will Lodge vs Karl Vilips
id pay to see that

Ben thebagelboy says:

I'm not one to talk because I am still working on this and I noticed there were some putts that he got lucky because he hit it too fast and still went in and I saw on his score sheet the doubles and singles that is what stops them putting distance but he seems cool

Braden Schuler says:

I would luv to meet him he seems like a cool kid to hangout with bc I luv golf and him and I are about the same in skill!! 😀

CaptainTD says:

Ya I agree with golden gold

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