World Handicapping System Explained I Golf Monthly

► Jeremy Ellwood explains the changes that are due to come into play with the new World Handicapping System.

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25 thoughts on “World Handicapping System Explained I Golf Monthly

  1. One of our lady golfers comes in frequently with 43 points playing off 47, then the next couple of games she scores 27.etc…a lot of descent is felt….

  2. I have found that the new system is more reflective of current form than actual ability. It now means that you can have a dip in form for a few months get a massive handicap and subsequently play to near your actual ability and come in with a massive score. In my opinion this system is deeply flawed and will destroy competitive golf. It will now only take 10 bandits on a course to monopolise the system!

  3. Weather conditions can change dramatically during the day, particularly here in UK, how will that be taken into account in a competition/

  4. I am confused . Com ??? Surely this WHS could have been simplified.. and especially this equation number 113.. how about 100 ..

  5. Jeez this is dumb. Not only is it more confusing but it reminds me of participation trophies. Suck at golf? It's ok, we will pad you to make it feel better. How about we just count your strokes and if you suck, well, you just suck. Get better. This is as bad a scoring antlers on a deer. I've seen little pee-wee deer score higher than monsters because of asymmetrical deductions for a net score… If it existed, count it!

  6. looking at how it is going to work out, golfers who dont regularly play to their handicap or have levelled off will struggle to get their handicap down, most golfers handicaps will rise.

    When you are not having a good round and you are unlikely to win, at least we now have a buffer zone to aim for once this has gone we might as well head off home.

    He said in the video most people in competitions go up by 0.1
    Once there is no target to lower your handicap i can't much see the point, as far as social golf goes there is very little appeal. Won't be much point joining a club.
    It does explain why the average handicap in the states has not changed for the last 40 yrs

    Is this another social engineering project the same as 54 max handicap to appeal to new members.
    I am not against change but this is change for the sake of it, another backward step in running the game down, the first one was selling TV rights to the highest bidder with but with the lower viewing figures, wonder how the current or next generation are going to be inspired when access is limited to the few that can fford it.

    How many current pro golferss do you hear say they were inspired watching the Open, or Masters Etc Etc.

  7. Bandits incoming, how about they learn to play better more rewarding instead of a fake handicap. If u need anymore than 28 shots dont compete and practice. If someone needs 54 shots extra to make par I dont fancy playing behind them will need to pack a tent

  8. Already seen competitions at my course won by men playing with ludicrous handicaps of up to 54. The winning score can be by a margin of 5-10 shots. Allows jokers far too much leeway to submit cards and get large handicaps. They then win a medal and hide in the long grass. As for the new handicap system I have yet to speak to anyone who can explain it clearly. As we seem to have dumped the idea of having to put in cards on non medal rounds cannot see how this catches the jokers or basically advances U.K. system at all ??

  9. The beauty of the current golf handicap system is that it enables a level playing field for competitors of different abilities. Does the new system tighten this up or not ? If I'm going to see net 50's winning competitions then I'll soon be against it.

  10. any chance of an update?? lots to find out – for instance what happens if a player has joined a club this year but does not get 20 rounds in by the time the system is introduced? say the golfer only get 10 rounds in – how will his handicap be calculated then or wont the golfer have a handicap until they complete 20 rounds?

  11. Perfectly understandable system. Known about it for some time. As a scratch golfer who's been away from the game for a year or two, I'm very much looking forward to the new system.

  12. I play a very hilly course with undulating fairways. When the wind blows its tough. Its oner 1000ft above sea level. I'm guessing it will be graded higher in difficulty to a flat course

  13. Sounds complicated, but am sure it will all work out. I am glad and think it is trying to be a more inclusive and fair system. We play golf around the world, and you can see that Europe's handicaps are very different to US for eg. I believe this system will bring them more realistic. Looking forward to it!

  14. According to this guy 'the less skilled golfer typically finds harder golf courses harder than good golfers find hard golf courses'. Lol no shit Sherlock

  15. My head is spinning. Just wanted to know what’s max score I can take on any one hole and I get a complete dissertation on everything but!

  16. I play in France Where 54 handicap has been used for years. All competitions consist of two competitions within one ie one for gross score and one for net. Works well.

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