Y.E. Yang Swing (Round Four) @ 2009 US PGA

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ShakotanFC says:

great swing but the one minor flaw is that he has to recover his positioning on the way down with slight "throw" of the shoulders. If he went back more upright w less forearm rotation and got slightly closer to it as a result, he wouldnt have that recovery flip or slight over the top shoulder-type throw. Then he could shalllow the club's path and not have to correct w rotational timing of the shoulders.

Lugzeh says:

one of the best swings on tour, his putting and short game have really held him back

thestuvylives says:

@CrimsonSlap i have to respectfully disagree. its a little lose i think. but bubba is awesome. one of my favorite players on tour.

thestuvylives says:

i dont love the swing but at least its impossible to hook the ball like that.

ynot1688 says:

love his swing

golfmaniac007 says:

what an awesome camera you have. what kind is it?

julian bosi says:

why is it that most players practice with fairway woods, and y.e yang shaft looks super short

hitmanhawky says:

very easy to see why he one a big one, check the face angle relation to the back of left wrist at the top of swing hmm good and a neutral grip ,hmm you can do great things from here ,check out my proper grip and release lessons i teach something just like this simple and worthy check my swing out also and thanks

Kais Zinnenlauf says:

Looks great and relaxed!

RK831 says:

Good positioning on the swing. Very little use of the hands, as this is a Leadbetter-type body swing. The body leads the swing and his hands follow.

jango1000 says:

Such a great swing, silky smooth yet powerful, the natural head release ala Sorenstam and check out the shimi dance with the upperbody before he pulls the trigger…
Plus he got the Tiger…Respect.

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