The Jack Nicklaus golf tips that are PRICELESS for your game!

These jack nicklaus golf tips are priceless and if you are not using them in your game, you really need to! These tips are absolutely priceless and every golfer should implement them into their game! They will help to reduce your score and improve on SO may areas of your game.

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Jack nicklaus is one of the best golfers in the world and his tips have helped so many golfers improve across the world. This video includes: Golf tips for beginners, golf tips for driving the ball straight, golf tips for irons, stop swaying in the golf swing, stop swaying forward in golf swing,stop swaying in golf backswing,how to hit driver straight,how to hit driver consistently,how to hit driver further,how to play golf,iron tips for golf,driver tips for golf,simple golf tips,simple driver tips,simple iron tips,driver tips golf,iron tips golf,weight transfer.

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13 thoughts on “The Jack Nicklaus golf tips that are PRICELESS for your game!

  1. Alex, what technology are you using to display the shots in this video? I work with a group of kids at a local school and when we hit balls into a net it would give great feedback. Thanks

  2. hi Alex,

    a question for. in your videos you use a launch monitor. you already mentioned in a video which one you use via your mobile phone. but i can't find it anymore. would you tell me this again?

    Best regards,

  3. Spot on Alex: Jack is the best (and my favorite) ever! Very nice video. I like the “weight on the inside of the feet” and “don’t sway”. These two are closely connected I think. The others are good too.

  4. Tiger is awesome but Jack is AMAZING. In Major Championships which is most important to most pro golfers. 18 first, 19 seconds, 56 top 5s, 73 top 10s. Tiger on the other hand: 15 firsts, 7 2nds, 33 top 5s and 41 top 10s. Furthermore Jack competed in 164 majors, more chances but that is playing all 4 majors for 41 years!!!

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