PHP #5 – New Years Disc Exchange, 2015 (Proctor, Eshelman, Locastro, Long, Barsby, Jones)

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Three teams go head to head for the final round at this unsanctioned doubles tournament held at the Hanging Oaks Disc Golf Course in Penn Valley, California.

Pro Players: James Proctor, Jere Eshelman, Nikko Locastro, Shaun Long, Gregg Barsby, Mike Jones


Hanging Oaks:


Mike Riemer says:

So I’ll take the bait…. Why isn’t Nikko throwing Prodigy?

29Thrill says:

1:11:28 Foot Fault….? Lifted foot behind marker before disc leaves his

Steve Smith says:

Nice vid, guys. I liked the recap/highlight reel.

djcubsbaseball says:

It’s pretty awesome to see somebody throwing MVP in a tournament video.

Rocky Rivera says:

Was this random draw doubles? Or bring your partner?

My Nam says:

sweet lookin course

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
michael morin says:

keep em coming, love the commentary and mention of which discs get used

Peter Mobius says:

Nice distance jump putt clinic Mike Jones! the camera angle from right
behind him was so spot on in both of the huge putts he crushed.

michael morin says:

sweet vid guys!! thanks

David Holm says:

What are the rules? who throws what and when?

Ashton Phillips says:

had to listen to mike jones- still tippin while watching mike jones play!

dominick clark says:

wizards and shamans’

Roc Surgeon says:

Someone needs to donate Nikko a real bag lol.

CobraKid95 says:

It’s a lot like best ball play in real golf. Both players drive, they
decide on who’s got a better lie, both players than throw from there, and
than both players decide again on who’s got the best lie. Both players than
have an attempt to make the putt. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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