What’s Inside: A Golf Ball – WIRED

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Anyone who’s played a round knows that golf isn’t a science, but that’s not the case when it comes to golf balls. The compact, dimpled balls have come along way from goose feathers wrapped in leather—find out what’s inside golf balls.

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What’s Inside: A Golf Ball – WIRED


Golf Digest Magazine says:

+WIRED Now THIS is a What’s Inside we can get behind. 

Nur Ikhlash says:

Masturbate red

dusterdude238 says:

I remember as a kid I took an old cracked golf ball apart. once I got the
outer skin off,there were layers and layers of a rubber band like material
wrapped around.I found the quickest way to remove these, was to hold a lit
match under it and all the rubber bands would just go Plinkplinkplinkplink
and fly off. and under that was a black ball, which my dad told me not to
open because it had a poisonous chemical in it that made the ball fly
further. But the center was like a super ball! I could slam it onto the
concrete patio deck and it would fly higher then the house! LOL but those
were Old skool golf balls tho
I never found out what the secret chemical inside the center was.

Jonathan Harchick says:

These animations are great, keep making videos like this.

kevinwong530 says:

More of this “Whats Inside” please!

tgjadm says:

And I still dont know the structure of a golf ball. i only heard alot of
terms i dont understand xD

heep13 says:

WOW! Amazing visuals!

GuysGoneGolfing.com says:

Ever wonder what goes in to a modern golf ball?

ExopMan says:

Good shit!

Daniel Cruz says:

Whats inside of a guitar pickup ?

Jesus Valladares says:

Lol a golf ball commercial ad in the beginning 

vincent migliore says:




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