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Many golfers are unaware of exactly how a good downswing motion should ‘feel', this simple yet effective drill can give you those feels and help you hit better, longer golf shots.

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John Hofmann says:

Looks like Chris has been researching Moe Norman.

Joseph Smith says:

Absolutely perfect. I've been trying to teach this method for years to golfers who get stuck/push/hook. Great image.

adamskaboy says:

Sweet drill! Thanks! Great visual!

Ann Sowieja says:

you dropped your spine angle and left side on the downswing. Is that okay to do?

Matt Barson says:

Omg amazing. All my days to figure out that transition to inside. Thanks

Shaun Kelly says:

Thanks for this… I have been practicing keeping the club from dropping inside for so long that I went too far the other way. I never thought I would have that problem lol

Rick Lewis says:

Holy crap! That work perfectly!

Tommy Dunne says:

Chris , great exercise which will help tremendously ??

Benjamin Sarmiento says:

this guy is actually good and doesn't mislead you by not leaving information out!

jrpetersen62 says:

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GOLF TIPS I HAVE EVER SEEN! Swing path (coming from the inside) is one of the most important components of the golf swing. I have struggled for years with trying to get the feeling of how to drop my hands from the inside. This drill helped me immediately. Great tip Chris!

Stewart Mckay says:

great visual

Mark Wisniewski says:

Can you explain how to make sure your not pulling down on the handle from the top and using your body to get the club into position? Thx

Douglas Tanzer says:


Frederick Andoh says:

Very good swing and good swing

Thamac15 says:

I am a 5 handicap and have a flat swing (always have had a flat swing since I was 8). I find that when I do my backswing I hit the wall with the rod. I figured I would try this and add it to my closet of drills.

stephenleemichaels says:

Great video

Darcy C says:

I`ve been playing for 7 years and undergone many lessons. Right after knowing these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the ideas introduced in this book, specifically the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. I was a Thirteen handicap, however it is dropping. It`s fantastic guide!

Doug B says:

Chris thank you I hook the ball and was looking for a drill to correct it. thank you for the swing tip I think was what I'm looking for.

Pom Ham says:

I have to try this drill. I think this is brilliant. This is not the easiest thing to fix, will try and see if this fixes my steepness at impact.

stephen f says:

It's a good drill, and it gets at one of the least-talked-about aspects of almost any great swing: the shoulders stay closed a long way into the downswing, with some players right up until just before impact. People who work on half-cocked ideas about "rotation" and "swinging left" just destroy their swings when they try to dominate the ball with early rotation in the downswing.

It helps to think of the shoulders as moving only enough to accommodate where the arms need to go, rather than dragging the arms to impact outward, on a steep-and-outside path, like so many players do.

What I always found in both teaching and playing was that this is so important and so irretrievable once you make that initial out-and-over move. Once a player does that, it's all just a salvage job from that point on. Either you hang on and try to block the ball to the target (which requires other adjustments like a dive or a lunge, because if you really hang on and don't move something else to compensate you'll miss the ball entirely), or you throw the hands and clubhead at the ball early and hit it a mile left.

Nobody wants to hear this in "modern" instruction, but the truth is that the shoulders have to stay turned in a way that allows the arms and club to find the right inside path to the ball. Trying to dominate the ball with shoulders and forced, shoving rotation is the surest way to destroy a swinging motion.

DRB51 says:

This 1 is my 1/2 hour day drill. Cures what ails ya– over-the-top, early extension, bloating, hives, and erectile dysfunction. Chris rocks.

Harald Schuster says:

Thanks for that great and easy drill to get a better downswing path! I think yours looks very good 🙂 Harald

Charles Harrison says:

Great video about one of the most important parts of the downswing. It looked a great drill with the line up stick against the wall. It is vital to hit the ball front the inside of your downswing. This exercise I will use and practice until it becomes first nature in my downswing. Keep these great and informative videos coming. Charles

Vance Weber says:

Chris…..great drill……and I have already tried it at home with off the course feeling being different….but…..question related to the lead shoulder……you suggest that the motion of the lead shoulder is "…..down and around….." Could you possibly elaborate? I have seen what you are doing. I have never heard of the "down" part before……this almost seems to give a moment's pause in the tendancy to start unwinding the shoulders. I have tried drills before (with a rope for example) to get me to pause/delay my shoulder unwinding at the top but somewhat unsuccessfully. My "hit impulse" seems to take over when I get to the golf course. Would appreciate your comments on this or referral to a different video of yours…..really like you teaching style.

Leonard Robinson says:

excellent drill

jsilva says:

Fantastic! Thanks for such a simple and effective method! Can't wait to try this.

Rose Cloud says:

This drill worked so great !my swing is so much better just after spending 30 minutes!Thank you

foleyman31 says:

just saw this video Chris. Went to the range right after watching the Farmers Open. Wow!!! I hit my irons the same way. CRUSHED the ball with both driver and irons. I have always had different swings as per the club used.. Not now. The thing I need to work on now is "low to high" When I do both the ball flys.

TheRodSummers says:

Great drill

mel Crabtree says:

Great drill, 100% agree

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