100% BEST GOLF CLUB OF 2022…..PART 2 – PXG GEN05 Hybrid review

I test the new PXG GEN05 Hybrid and it is one of my favourite golf clubs of 2022, this hybrid is super forgiving and perfect for all golfers of any handicap.

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18 thoughts on “100% BEST GOLF CLUB OF 2022…..PART 2 – PXG GEN05 Hybrid review

  1. Hey Andy, why not have numerous favorite clubs, I do and I love doing it! I also test clubs for myself and give information to those who wanna listen, I don't work for a company lol, definitely an Average golfer, I'm loving these comparisons with differnt brands and styles, being an Average golfer a bogie golfer which i think makes me a 18 to 20 HC,, that said my gobto club is definitely no doubt about it 5 hybrid or 4 hybrid , never let's me down , not sure why , confidence with these clubs ,more forgiving idk and gotta go with it! believe me I'd love to smash a 4 or 5 iron from the fairway but every 4th shots is pure, with a hybrid could be as high as 4 out 5 shots are pure! Anyway Great video for the golfer who knows he's or hers expectations! lol Can't have an Ego on the golf course, been knocked down many pegs in my life! lol

  2. I swear you were going to mention Callaway Apex UW. This club is a game changer in my opinion. Easy to hit high, low, draw or fade. Sits very square without the left tendency.

  3. What I like about pxg headcovers is that theyre basically interchangeable because they don't have the full branding on them. It is a classy touch. Don't change it PXG!

  4. I'm thinking you should change your headings to Best Golf Club of 2022 "SO FAR" since it seems to change from month to month. Saying that, I LOVE your video's, your delivery is down to earth and a guy I'd like to have a beer with. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good Day, so, What are the complete specs on the Gen5s your playing now…what did you get fit into?

    -Lofts, club length, lie angle and grip type and size. Also what’s the weight you were fit into and how did that make a difference for you?

    ***Please respond, I’m very interested in these irons***⛳️

  6. This may sound weird, but I play a full bag of PXG's. Even my putter. And love every club I hit. Last year I added a club that's gotten me out of every trouble lie, fairway bunkers, under trees, roughs, 80 ft. putts, even off the tee sometimes. You name the hazard, I'll find it. That one saving grace, for me of course, is the Cobra One Length 4 Hybrid 21*. That club has saved me so many strokes, it's worth its weight in gold. That's just me though.

  7. Are you ducking the questions around how a possibly paid for PXG trip may have influenced you. No one is saying you are not being honest in your assessment but if you were candid with your viewers they could at least draw their own conclusions.

  8. I got the Cleveland Launcher Halo XL 5 hybrid and I love it so much that I'm now playing my TM Aeroburner 3 hybrid way better.

  9. I’m 62 years old and definitely losing a little distance but upgraded last year to the Mizuno STX driver with regular shaft and it has made all the difference to my driving. So easy to find the fairway and still running out to around 230-240 metres with an 80% swing. Love the look and feel of this club and would highly recommend it. My mate who plays off 6 has hit two of his straightest drives with this club although maybe losing around 10 metres. ????????????????

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