We Spend £500 on 2nd Hand Golf Clubs!!! | Rick Shiels vs Peter Finch: Golfbidder Challenge 2024

Rick Shiels and I reignite our Golfbidder rivalry in the 2024 edition of the £500 Challenge! In this video, we choose our clubs ahead of an epic 1 v 1 match! Check out Rick's channel for the next video: @RickShielsPGA

A HUGE thanks to Golfbidder for hosting us. To get 15% off all drivers on their website, use promo code “PeterFinchDriver15” at checkout – for a limited time only.* You can also find out more about their range of clubs here: https://www.golfbidder.co.uk/

*Only available on the UK website of course and in line, protected by mapped policy are excluded (New)

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25 thoughts on “We Spend £500 on 2nd Hand Golf Clubs!!! | Rick Shiels vs Peter Finch: Golfbidder Challenge 2024

  1. I like Ricks channel however Big Pete is the don. Boom boom 220 yards ???????? ???? . The material just keeps getting better and better. Be a million subscribers soon. ✨️

  2. Love this and would welcome more. Maybe a Golf Bidder premium edition, where the budget is limitless and you play at a course like JCB.

  3. It is funny that Rick’s bag is similar to mine. Burner, r7 and odyssey putter. Getting close to 20 year old technology. I’m interested to see what his feedback is. It must be nostalgic. These two have used these exact clubs in their bags years ago.

  4. Peter, instead on riding on the tail-coats of the more successful content creators like Rick, why not help the struggling creators that produce quality content but just can't get any traction on the subscription side. Stop crowing and brown-nosing or you'll see your subscription base head southward.

  5. I'm a new golfer and I feel bad for buying a new set of clubs instead of buying used. But I'll do my best to take care of them so someone can use them after me lol

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