159ft (53 yards) – monster putt by Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps, during the pro-am of the 2012 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, hit an incredible 159ft putt (yes that's 53 yards)!
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Windowkicker says:

How far is this in a non retard unit?

Jimmy Yorkshire says:

Golf – Am I a joke to you ??

Stephen Cutting says:

Bet he was stoned

Kurt Sarachick says:

He's not happy with all his swimming records. … needs a few longest putt records to satisfy his "fix" lol….. seriously though, incredible putt and what a read! !

Corey Holt says:

Save some talent for everyone else hahaha damn

Golf 18 says:

"He couldn't, he has"

James Ingram says:

Up next….Tiger Woods swims the breaststroke…who cares if he made a putt…stupid

Elvis Arsiniega says:

Is this the same guy who said Tiger wouldn’t get inside of Dimarco’s ball?

4Stanzas says:

Announcer: That's an impossible putt.
Phelps: Hold my Speedo.

Steve Koch says:

Look out Woods…. there's a new sheriff in town!!! ???

The Crypto Token Bull says:

Punched a few cones before that round.

Graham Allen says:

Too Easy…. ?

Ronnie Baker says:

Smoking pot has fried his ….problems away?

Autumn Skies says:

Phelps: So you just hit this little ball with this little stick into that hole down there?

Got it. (Hits longest putt).

Where’s my medal?

pragma says:

comme quoi le doping ça marche aussi pour le golf !!!

Anonymous User says:

Smoke another bowl Mike

acw2582 says:

I’ve made a putt of around that distance before. Can’t remember which Tiger Woods PGA Golf game it was though. And it took me a few tries to dial it in.

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