19* Hybrid VS 19* Utility Iron – WHATS THE RIGHT CLUB FOR YOU?

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In this YouTube video I take a look at the TaylorMade Stealth Rescue & TaylorMade Stealth DHY Utility Iron….both the same loft of 19 degrees but do they performance the same? We take a look at the different in golf ball flight, spin & distance! These golf clubs are clubs you will probably put in your golf bag but which one? Choose a club to suit your golf swing and golf game plus the ball flight you like to see.

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21 thoughts on “19* Hybrid VS 19* Utility Iron – WHATS THE RIGHT CLUB FOR YOU?

  1. I have a u505 3iron and being happy with my wedges, only 13 clubs in the bag I am considering a 22 deg g430 hybrid to my 14th club just under my 5 iron

  2. As a super senior with an 11.4 index, I play hybrids. The main reason is slower swing speed. I have been playing golf for more than 60 years and by changing the position of the ball in my stance, I can still hit that lower shot with more run out with a hybrid. The iron does not give you the versatility of being able to hit the ball high when needed.

  3. Utility irons have been a game changer for me in my long game. I just cannot hit a Hybrid to save myself. I don't know what it is, but easily the most inconsistent type of club I've ever used. No worries with a fairway wood, but a hybrid, for me, is an altogether different story. Absolutely love my utilities though. Super forgiving, feel natural to hit, and I get the consistency that i definitely did not get out of a Hybrid, and don't 100% trust myself with a fairway wood (although my 5 wood isn't going anywhere soon). There's a stigma about them I think, because of the traditional bladed 2 iron fears, but I recommend any golfer who wants to try another approach to their long game to give one a go. I'm a high handicapper, and these are some of my best struck, most consistent clubs. Love em.

  4. I agree with you on the effect of wind. If I were playing a windy course I would have a long iton in the bag (or substitute a 2 hybrid for the 3 hybrid). If I were playing a non-windy course, especially with traps around the greens, I would use the 3 hybrid instead, assuming the course called for that length shot into at least one green. I don't use strongly hook biased hybrids since I have trouble controlling draw shots. I use neutral flight hybrids. I don't use fade biased hybrids either since I tend to fade the ball anyway.

  5. 19* 3 UTI is what I want in my bag going forward. I generally play on a links course, so the wind on some holes destroys high tee shots + long Par 3's that have large, open spaces for a UTI would work well; plus the shorter shaft (and most likely graphite) allow you to swing a lot more aggressive & confident vs something long & bulky. I want to replace my 5 Wood with a Utility Iron, but keep a Hybrid for my 4, since I'm using that more often to reach long Par 4's or 5's & the playability factor with a 4H is needed. Always fun to debate the reasoning for certain clubs & when to play them!

  6. Hi Mike
    What length are you using for the test? (Standard) and how tall are you in relation to the standard length club?

    Many thanks great videos

  7. I’m a 21hcp, and I’m consistent at hitting my longer irons, my set is cb and has 3-p, I’m way more accurate when I’m hitting the 3i than my driver or 3wood. Thinking about buying a utility iron and either leave the driver or wood at home

  8. I have hcp about 28. The DHY club is probably to difficult for me in theory. But I love it. Have a 5, and I strike it more consistent than my hybrid. In fact I’m now leaving my hybrid at home. Thinking about a 4 DHY also ????

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