1953 British Open – Look back to Ben Hogan at Carnoustie

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Byron Jones says:

The greatest striker of the golf ball who ever lived.

showtime951 says:

What will be totally different at Carnoustie for the 2018 Open Championship?
It will be without the lyrical splendor, divine deviancy, evil genius, and mind-to-mouth without guard word murals of Sir Peter Alliss. A real rascal's rascal. Living legend. Watch his acceptance speech during his induction to The World Golf Hall of Fame. It's short, hilarious and will make any day better.
Thank you, Peter for everything you have done to help shape my life. A bill shall be forthcoming in your mail.

David Muggle says:

A testament to the great Ben Hogan … truly golf's best striker of the golf ball!

James Horan says:

They asked Ben after he won the Open if he wanted to travel to St Andrews about an hour away.  He simply said, "Not really."

ubb4me says:

Sean Foley. Those who can do, those who cant teach.

ds1868 says:

Carnoustie is also a very long course, the longest course in the British Open rota. It can be an unbelievably difficult course to play. Ben Hogan's win was quite extraordinary, particuarly since it was the one and only time he played in the British Open!

bicklesby1 says:

that sign mean douche crossing ??

18tangles says:

great golfer, an aloof man ,I think he should have gone to britain more.There is no reason that he could not have won another four Opens Thomson did, same era.

peteto1 says:

Foley RUINED Tiger Wood's swing…..

Timothy Frost says:

so true……… pro's are just lucky that Foley's passion for teaching means he isn't making millions on the tour and shattering all records.

Foley is the Laird Hamilton of Golf……… a playing genius beyond compare.

NA2A says:

Sean Foley has a better swing.

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