RANKING all time BEST to WORST irons!?

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Today we take a look at the biggest name irons in the world of golf and which ones were the best and which were the worst.

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Walter White says:

I have a Spalding 5 wood and I love it

cm1547 says:

I would drop the P790 almost entirely from this list. The only reason it even exists is because PXG figured out that polymers work better as a fill than the old foam fill in the burner from the 90s. PXG literally made the entire industry come up with an answer to them and the P790 is one of the answers. I'd also argue that not putting the Mizuno blades in iconic is pure blasphemy. Having the Nikes up there instead of them is laughable. Take the TW logo off of it and it isn't even a competition. The Mizuno was a better blade then, they were a better blade before those Nikes, and they are still the best blade on the market. MP4s are definitely stunning, but the MP33 is probably the best blade ever made.

Harrison Richter says:

I can’t believe the AP2 was left out. I’ve still got the 714s and think they’ve got to be some of the most loved irons ever.

BrianH says:

Titleist DCI 962 were my first kinda players club with some forgiveness, thought they’d make the list. Got them used and loved them until I went to forged blades. Hated the offset and chunkiness of all my friend’s Bertha’s because they looked like something Fred Flintstone would hit. First true blades were an old used set of Hogan Apex blades 2-EW, they were awesome but had to sell them and the DCI’s to help get through a rough stint. Currently playing Mizuno MP33’s and Miura is on my bucket list.

Alex Laing says:

Maxfli Revolutions

Robert Taylor says:

Agree with another comment, wilson should definitely be on your list under epic. Sure they made some poo, the 1200e I think the chunky ones were called but they were aimed beginners. But the epic were Wilson Staff Fluid Feel blades. They were unfriendly if you wasn't hitting the middle but when you did you were rewarded with a sublime flight and ultimate stopping power from your Balata ball of choice. I also agree with most of your ratings apart from the AP3's. Even when they came out they weren't anything new, stronger lofts were already out, with mixed results of course

Christopher Pittman says:

I LOVE the M CGB lol


I'll dust you with nike slingshots only, you are capping.

usa4x4trucks says:

The pictured version of the P790 and the following version on the P770 seemed to have quality issues on the back side of the club head. When you tip them toward a light source, they seem to show a lot of waviness in the metal. Looks like a car door that has a poor metal finish job on it. Not sure if the poor finish is from metal that is too thin or maybe it is similar to “sink marks” in plastic parts from b-side details??? I noticed the newest P790 & P770 irons avoided this by having a matte/blasted finish on the head. Not sure if the change of finish was planned or just a way to cover up a visual design flaw. Callaway, on the other hand, was able to create a hollow body iron with a very glossy finish and not have these surface defects.

The results of the P-series irons are great. People love them and I had a set of each for a while and liked them. But, for what Taylormade charges for their irons, one would expect a bit higher quality in the finish.

David Oh says:

What no Armour T100 that were $1800?

Mark Lingo says:

Apex CF 16? golf digest just put them on the Mt Rushmore of irons all time. I still play those. Have tried every year to get a new set and half way through the year im back to my Apex CF 16

Wolfie McWolf says:

Mizuno in Epic? WTF? The MP line is one of the most iconic iron brands on earth. The MP37 and MP33 are much loved by pros everywhere. From the TP-9 to the MP4 those clubs are the best IMO. So I guess you were right in your intro. Definitely pissing people off 🤣

Zack Nixon says:

I usually like your lists, but this one missed the mark.

George says:

You missed:
Wilson staff blades (FG series or fluid feel)
MacGregor v-foil VIP blades
Spalding Tournament Edition blades (custom crafted)
Titleist tour model blades
Maxfli Australian blades
Ram frequency matched blades
Swap outs:
Mizuno mp 33 or 37
Miura baby blades

Any of these can stand up to any pure players blade on the market today.

Maybe a “best blades of all time” video is called for?

Ps- callaway is awful at everything.

bryan burgess says:

The Cleveland VAS iron should be on the “Poor” list just based on looks alone!!!

Tactical Gnome says:

Miura are the most overrated clubs in the game. Overprices and assembled by people who may, or may not really have the of major manufactures.
Mizuno is the standard for blades and has been for close to 40 years.. why go anywhere else?

David McNamara says:

Ping Answer was one of the finest forged irons ever made. I used to have a set, until I lost them to a pawn shop.
G10 in comparison feels like a brick on a stick and needs to be relegated to the very lowest category, known to man!!!

DudeItsShags says:

fitted into my P790 a few months ago and love em..

DA Claggett says:

Simon, you should have included the Tommy Armour 845s.

Jerry Myers says:

I've never replaced my 30yr. old Callaway Big Bertha Warbird SW. Best SW ever designed.

fretless 5 says:

For a while, I played single-length irons but didn't really get good results with them. I had issues with the wedges and also had trouble getting good gaps at the top of the bag. In the end, I realized that if I was using regular wedges and more hybrids to get gapping right, that I actually had very few single-length clubs in the bag. When I went back to variable length, I went with the Nike Covert 2 Forged irons and loved them. They might not have been as famous as the blades with Tigers name on it, but for a mid-handicap golfer, the forged cavity back heads were forgiving and felt great.

Scott Chisholm says:

I had a set of srixon mid 2000s..

Elliot S says:

I bought a set of new Hogan Apex+ irons in 2000 and they were absolutely amazing. Not sure why I ever got rid of them.

Jason Wiercinski says:

Titleist AP2's are number 1 for me. Even though I never had a set it seemed like everyone else did. Tommy Armour 845s, Titleist 962 DCIs, and I'm going to add the Nike VR Forged pro combos to the list.

Nate_Feag says:

Big Bertha has to be iconic

Kenny_ N says:

Loved my MCGB’s. What I first started on. Thought they looked awesome 😎

one2many hobbies says:

I really love the value (especially second hand) of the Cleveland Tour Action irons and for me personally, the Tommy Armour 845 Oversize were incredible for my game when I was in high school (96-2000). They were so much more forgiving than the cheap set of Dunlop clubs I was using. I still have them and I really cant believe how well they hit after all these years. Great cavity weighting with a decently thin topline. They just oooze confidence.

Boone Docker says:

Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots gave me my only hole in one. They weren't very long, but I could easily work them every direction. I had a set of Big Berthas after those, and their 2 iron changed my game forever.

Robert Baldwin says:

Ping Eye 2, definitely iconic. Sold my Berylliums recently, kinda regretting it, they had serious wow factor when buffed to a golden shine finish and performed more than well enough for me.

Alton Paige says:

No PING blades?

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