The Golf Swing Speed SECRET No One is Telling You

In this golf lesson, Todd Kolb shows us how to hit the golf ball longer by creating some movement in the golf swing. Even if you are a senior golfer, you can still learn how to increase club head speed by getting your body moving!

How to increase swing speed with Movement – if you are an experienced golfer, you probably find yourself very still before you make your golf swing, which can be a major swing speed killer. Instead, think of a pitcher winding up or a quarterback throwing a pass. They aren't still, but start loading and unloading to create speed.

Your golf swing is no different. So instead of standing statically over the ball before you swing, get your feet active, have a little golf club waggle, and you will free up your body to start your swing.

Increase golf swing speed in the backswing – a lot of golfers tend to start their swing deliberately slowly, then try to take off in the transition and downswing. This is a golf swing tempo killer, and is going to hurt your overall swing speed. Instead, use your golf backswing to build more swing speed and accelerate before you start the downswing.

Putting these two golf tips together will have you increase golf swing speed, which will help you learn how to hit the golf ball farther and get more distance with your driver!

Learn more about the Vertical Line Swing here:

5 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Speed SECRET No One is Telling You

  1. Some excellent ideas. Move your feet, waggle your club head & have a faster backswing.
    Easy to follow rather than the old method of numerous club positions in slow motion.
    Todd's vertical line swing & other tips are designed to help the average golfer.
    Thank you Todd for really helping my game.
    I am 79 years old & appreciate your common sense suggestions.

  2. This is exactly how I swing the club. I shot 2 under(70) the other day. People get way to static, and stiff, worrying way too much about “positions”. They look like robots. Learn to swing the club hard, using your entire body. Swing fast, to a full, balanced finish.

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