2 Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing | “The SIMPLE Things Make A BIG Difference” | ME AND MY GOLF

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2 Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing | “The SIMPLE Things Make A BIG Difference” – In this video, Me and My Golf give a Golf lesson to member David who is struggling to find consistency with his irons. This golf lesson was the perfect demonstration that you don't need to make dramatic changes to your golf swing to improve. All it took was 2 SIMPLE set up adjustments that completely transformed Davids Golf swing and made a big difference towards a consistent strike with his irons.

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Robert Court says:

A nice looking, powerful, compact swing. I've seen a lot better players who swing it worse than that.

David Burris says:

An update since the live lesson. My strike is more consistent however as a result of it all I am pulling it left. That is a result of the clubs not suited to me now. New clubs on way. Cheers from the guy in the video 😂😂

Ivey League Films says:

My swing thought at the moment is to keep the arms stretched out as far as possible on the takeaway. I have found that if I focus on that, I hit my irons and driver so much more solid.

Andy Denial says:

My fault: top of swing is well past parallel. Always has been, and probably always will be.

David Tomsett says:

Looks a bit forced on the low point of his swing – he does not look fluid

George Deacon says:

I learn something new every time I watch one of your episodes great consistency I will say so boys 👍

Parski says:

I, too, have found I am striking the ball more consistent (and straighter) since I’ve started to stand more upright at address.
I am 6’1 and noticed I was way too bent over at address (I assume trying to get closer to the ball), but I also found I was coming out of my posture (early extension).

Like you said, although I feel very upright, I still am still bent over at address; but setting up more upright seems to be working for me. 👍🏻
Keep up the good work.

Nick Pritchard says:

Hi Pierce and Andy. Did you notice how closed this guys club face was at the top of his swing, and during his follow through? Great vid well done.

Arnab Basu says:

Terrific to watch these live golf lessons….keep them coming…thanks

Manraj Randhawa says:

When will we get the meandmygolf app 👀

Manraj Randhawa says:

What app do you guys use for analysing the golf swing?

1024laf says:

Anew golf fan here, Andy and Piers your videos and tips you give are so helpful and encouraging. Watched a lot of your videos now and really enjoy the work you both put in to helping improve the way people play this sport. Thank you for all you give.

Barry smith says:

Great work boys 👍

Rick Farber says:

Great content as always. Can you give info on the rectangular phone stand on the tripod? Thanks

John Pearce says:

Should he try to rotate his hips more in his up swing? New to golf so I’m trying to figure everything out

jeffrey griffin says:

What’s the band on your arm?

Tim Hanna says:

My swing thought is don’t f it up! 🤣🤣

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