2012 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Ronnie Hill says:

2:15:30 "Happy Gilmore"

So random.

Tyler Michael says:

Thank you to The Masters for posting all these final rounds…and in HD as well! So much history on one youtube channel and we all get to relive the magic. THANK YOU!

Steve Peterson says:

What was the better shot? Oosthuizen's approach to #2 that gave him double eagle? Or Bubba's 50 yard hook with a gap wedge? I guess it's definitely Bubba's shot.

william michalowski jr says:

this is for the dumbasses here, stop spoiler alerts SNES drunk,
Lance Le and
O. G.

R G says:

Louis should have won the Masters that year, what a golf swing,
nothing on the planet comes close to the smooth rhythm and grace of Oosthuizen’s swing.
Bubba played a phenomenal shot in the playoff, but in reality he was VERY fortunate to even find his ball, and then have a clearing to hit the ball through.

ron bowling jr says:

How do golfers walk from the 10th green to the 11th tee

St Sa says:

I never noticed Louis, knocked the ball of the tee — the first hole of the playoff. No penalty?

Adam Kadmon says:

Hideki Matsuyama (A) +9 ?

Noah Moelter says:

The hook shot is 5:00:15

O. G. says:

30:39 Champions Swing!

SNES drunk says:

Bubba's shot is 5:00:27

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