Jim Ross Soundbyte: Joe “Turkey” Jones slamming Terry Bradshaw

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sainttrunks1982 says:

And all these years i thought i remembered it being a Raiders player that did that to Bradshaw.

Deja Voodoo says:

Would love to do this to Hannity

Derek Leaberry says:

The old Packers would have murdered whomever did that to Bart Starr. The Steelers offensive linemen didn't blink an eye. Bradshaw must have been disliked by his own teammates.

P Brickley says:

Bradshaw had it coming. Hell, Hanratty should have been starting anyhow.

husq48 says:

I'm a Browns fan, hate the steelers, but I think that Turkey should've been thrown out of the league for that!

guiseppe8032 says:

I have to admit, as a Steelers fan this is pretty funny. Even funnier that the sound clip was from the 1998 King of the Ring–which took place in Pittsburgh.

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