2015 Disc Golf Memorial Championship final round, Back 9 (Lizotte, Koling, McBeth, Feldberg)

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Watch the exciting final holes of Memorial Championship 2015 right here! We bring you the final round action from Fountain Hills, Arizona where a full field of a whopping 303 players gathered to compete for the victory of the 2015 Memorial Championship in 5 open divisions. The MPO lead group features Simon Lizotte, Jeremy Koling, Paul McBeth & Dave Feldberg.

The SpinTV's own James Thomas is joined by 3-time World Champion Paul McBeth and Distance World Record holder Simon Lizotte.

This part 2/2 video features the first 9 holes of the 18-hole course at Fountain Hills. Watch part 1 here: http://thespintv.com/news/2015-disc-golf-memorial-championship-final-round-front-9/

CONTEST: Spot a hidden SpinTV logo on the ground during this video and you can win mystery plastic from Innova Discs!
More info: http://thespintv.com/videos/2015-disc-golf-memorial-championship-final-round-back-9/

Produced by: James Thomas & Esa Arokki

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

Copyright 2015 The SpinTV


Scumbag Scotty says:

That last shot with Jerm looking into the camera perfectly describes him

Scumbag Scotty says:

In between the holes, Dave’s name is spelled wrong…

Michael Sarmiento says:

Best commentary in a disc golf video. Paul and Simon are funny. 

Alex Padilla says:

I love how Simon is bagging on Dave. lol

mrDROCK says:

I liked Simon before this video, but after his open and honest commentary,
I love him as a player. He has such a good attitude win or lose and is
very encouraging to other players.

TakingBackGunch says:

Does anyone happen to know what Simon’s mini record distance is?

minidini10 says:

Did anyone else notice the SpinTV logo on the ground at 22:54?

Matt Nemmers says:

“Everybody wants to be a beast until it comes time to do what beasts do.” 

Ben Keppeler says:

anyone ever hear of an innova twisted flyer? some guy gave it to me like a
year back and it’s my favorite disc, but i googled it and didn’t find
anything except for a twisted flyer pro tournament video that was actually
at a course right by my house.

iconone5 says:

The last few tournaments have been crazy with the playoffs. Epic!

Mike Riemer says:

I felt proud when the gallery was complemented. Great coverage. Thank you
yet again. 

TheMRFREAK911 says:

Loved hearing Paul and Simon commentate, really gives a good idea of what
goes through the top players’ minds.

djbme83 says:

Great coverage and commentary. Thanks for the work you put in!

Pythonesque says:

Great coverage and synergy overall. The introspective part from Paul and
Simon, followed by powerful performances, was the cherry on the top. Very
enjoyable content.

My critique is overlappingly three-, or more fold:
More coverage and more rounds from the top players would be great. A whole
tournament following the lead card, or even more cards / more last rounds
to add. I don’t know what is the stopping force from doing that? I can’t
see a strategical advantage with the performances, because it is the same
pro’s pushing their limits (maybe even more) and the runner-up card ought
to be very near or even equal to that par, and volume in content is a major
factor in social media efficiency. If it is the available resources (time &
personnel), you seem to still be luckily quite far from reaching the
tipping point towards diminishing returns when it comes to output.

I mean, the quality in SpinTV content is top notch, continuously raising
the bar (love it), but there are noticeable delays in content frequency,
and I get the sense there is a lot of footage left out simply because it
does not meet those high standards and hours of reviewing in post.
Additionally that, or additional footage could be used to pace the coverage
to reach even better content, as well as more of it. Disc Golf is such a
young sport when it comes to making videos of it and the commentators often
seem to be left with their mind full of sentences and the time running out
before and after…

The standards actually haven’t yet been set on stone, on how to exhibit and
pace everything in the superb sport of disc golf, so there is a lot of room
to push the envelope on many many aspects. Especially with the pacing. No
one is saying it should be just the same as with ball golf, with the
walk-ups and soft voices, but I don’t think it should only be a rawly
efficient documentation of performances (á la McFly), where the viewer has
barely any subjective ties to the player, context, situation, or the
quintessential story that bring the bulk of the value.

Messi’s free kick goal at the 89’th minute to take his team into the lead
is not at all as valuable viewing content without the pressure building
through images. Tiger’s long putt wouldn’t be the same without inspecting
the green. Nadal’s tie-breaking serve is just one like the many before, if
no one goes silent. Durant’s decisive 3 point throw against the buzzer or
Datsuyk’s mezmerizing shorthanded goal aren’t all they actually are without
the pretext and build-up… It’s all about the pacing and the available
investment conveyed for the viewers, and you have the creative control of
both, especially when not showing live footage.

Pacing, especially. It has not yet been set on stone for disc golf. Enough
time for the commentators to share their thoughts. Enough time for viewing
discgolfers to immerse themselves into the situations these pro’s are in,
as well as chances to live through those moments and even learn from them.

Mahmoud says:

Thanks for getting this to us so quick Jamie!

Flying-J Disc Golf says:

I really enjoyed this video with the guest commentators. Thanks for
getting that together, SpinTV. 

Matt Kelly says:

Very nice work. My favorite coverage of the event.

Michael Drejerwski Jr says:

Glad to see these guys having fun and enjoying the game. Commentary was

Brien Croteau says:

Great commentary, thanks!

J Hall says:

Fantastic footage! Paul and Simon make the best commentators! Keep up the
good work!!

Matt Nemmers says:

Awesome video, great commentary, awesome editing. This is top-shelf disc
golf footage. Keep it up, SpinTV!

Steven Friebe says:

This tournament was covered tremendously! Well done!

LTShinySides1 says:

Awesome candid conversation to go with an epic round

Austin Chavers says:

Those SmashBoxx guys crack me up.

McMatthew420 says:

I KNEW McBeth was trying for an ace run.

Chase Wood says:

So did you spell daves name wrong on the scorecard cause he left innova for
lat64? Cmon hes still a great guy!!!

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