2015 Memorial Championships Live Disc Golf Rnd 3 – Paul McBeth Jeremy Koling Ricky Wysocki Feldberg

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Our live coverage takes us to the recently added Fiesta Lakes Course on Friday. The third round is typically referred to as moving day but if anyone plans to catch this card they are going to need to shoot scores in the thirties as birdies are very abundant here.

Join us as our top coverage of the 2015 Memorial Championships presented by Discraft continues on Friday.



Smiley J says:

All these ppl bitching and complaining…smh….thank you smashboxxtv for
putting up, free, total coverage of the Memorial…

nataskaos says:

dude….it’s “Nimoy” .

Umesh Chaudhari says:

Nate Doss is arguably the most humble and smiling pro in disc golf. Like
him a lot. 

Adam Woodward says:

I appreciate the effort, but comeon…get a better commentator who knows
what they are talking about, and a bunch of college kids to film and
produce their senior project. #betterplanning #spintv

ImShiftFaced says:

about 50:55 when he is saying to spread the word across media or social
circles he mentioned grinder lol as far as i know that is some meeting
people for sex thing

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
John Dorn says:

Johnny V closed the form damn you Johnny v

Nicolas Decourten says:

Lol, who filmed this my dad? It has a “home” movie feel. If you use just
the video and sub an old man talking for the audio this video is hilarious.

Alex Padilla says:

7:00 What shoes is Big jerm wearing here? I’ve seen multiple disc golfers
wear these. They are usually red too! I know Steven Rico wears em.

Chris Kerschen says:

Wow a real set back in disc golf coverage. Its like a Sears catalog when
your a kid. Its there but your never going to see or enjoy it.

ChucK Belschner says:

Thoroughly enjoy watching live disc golf. Thank you, Terry, and all at

jamalydude says:

Whoever stole Paul’s grip bag is a dick head, I would hunt down everyone
with a black grip bag until I found it. May the disc gods curse your soul
you blimey bilge rat

Mr. David J Jones Real Time Live says:

Real Time Live…………currently live

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