2015 Memorial Championships Live Disc Golf Rnd 3 – Paul McBeth Jeremy Koling Ricky Wysocki Feldberg

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Smiley J says:

All these ppl bitching and complaining…smh….thank you smashboxxtv for
putting up, free, total coverage of the Memorial…

nataskaos says:

dude….it’s “Nimoy” .

Umesh Chaudhari says:

Nate Doss is arguably the most humble and smiling pro in disc golf. Like
him a lot. 

Adam Woodward says:

I appreciate the effort, but comeon…get a better commentator who knows
what they are talking about, and a bunch of college kids to film and
produce their senior project. #betterplanning #spintv

ImShiftFaced says:

about 50:55 when he is saying to spread the word across media or social
circles he mentioned grinder lol as far as i know that is some meeting
people for sex thing

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
John Dorn says:

Johnny V closed the form damn you Johnny v

Nicolas Decourten says:

Lol, who filmed this my dad? It has a “home” movie feel. If you use just
the video and sub an old man talking for the audio this video is hilarious.

Alex Padilla says:

7:00 What shoes is Big jerm wearing here? I’ve seen multiple disc golfers
wear these. They are usually red too! I know Steven Rico wears em.

Chris Kerschen says:

Wow a real set back in disc golf coverage. Its like a Sears catalog when
your a kid. Its there but your never going to see or enjoy it.

ChucK Belschner says:

Thoroughly enjoy watching live disc golf. Thank you, Terry, and all at

jamalydude says:

Whoever stole Paul’s grip bag is a dick head, I would hunt down everyone
with a black grip bag until I found it. May the disc gods curse your soul
you blimey bilge rat

Mr. David J Jones Real Time Live says:

Real Time Live…………currently live

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