2017 M Driver Testing — Athlete Reactions

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LJ & Son's VLOGS says:

Nice driver but I'll take the crazy ball speed of the Callaway Epic driver all day! Best $500 bucks any golfer can spend…Well, except for maybe a good putter but those are half that price…


Dustin Johnson=Gorilla…

Mo Vlogs says:

"Take that DJ"…

Sodthong says:

Rose trying to be serious with his comment is so false. Pointless post imo..

Andy B says:

These reactions are so staged.

Efrain Entrertainment says:

DJ is just sitting there like "just let me hit the damn thing"

Ar K says:

Their new drivers are no progress…said by many golf player in Youtube.

Andrew G says:

Last years drivers were more forgiving and amazing until the new model comes out and now that is supposedly more forgiving. Its all advertising. Look at henrik stenson and his trusty 3 wood that is about 10 years old yet he hits it further than lots of guys on tour hit their driver. It really annoys me when these players come on camera and start saying how much better the new model is than anything they've ever hit before

Teevo Rain says:

they lowered the center of gravity so much that by now it's 10 feet under the ground…

O. G. says:

Numbers are so Crap!?? 330 carry then rolls 50 yards to 380!!!!

Charlie Henry says:

This video is

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MoeJetz31 says:

Thanks for being a dick to Crossfield. I'll never buy your products again.

Spordan Jieth says:

When are the individual player test videos released?

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

Liked there old Penta TP5 balls. I still have a couple of dozen.

lambert1702 says:

Why are you avoiding Mark Crossfield Taylor Made? At least Jason Day loves the classic Nike colorway… btw, really hate the ADHD style of filming — it's ok to hold a camera angle for more than .5 sec, we won't get board, promise…

Raymond Yadusky says:

Initial reactions coming from men who are paid to play the clubs.

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

There is no difference between the 2016 M1 and 2017 M1. They give the exact same distance, spin, launch. Look at Rick shiel's testing video. The only thing different about the new M1 is the sound

Robert Barnett says:

What a shame that TM have now got pros talking a load of crap just like them very sad

Fart Bart says:

I like the look of last years models better. Neon green? Yuck…….you know Nike went out of business because of Volt.

Flynn Roelink says:

Happy to show you my reaction if you gave me one!

Aldu Greyling says:

Anybody noticing how they are trying to sell the M1. It's because it is their premium model and it costs more… M2 2016 model did way better last season so they lost a lot of sales due to the cheaper model. But well done Taylormade.. Marketing is doing a hell of a job…

Reg Vardy says:

shame that all the comparison reviews show theres no change.

Justin Sayles says:

380 total. come on now

Jay Flew says:

Taylormade should be ashamed of themselves for doing Mark Crossfield like they did. He is the pioneer for reviews on golf equipment. Shame on u Taylormade!!

rich brown says:

Love to know wat there really thinking ?

Saw Yan Naing says:

What does TP5 on the head means ?

Leo Tong says:

"They are all over 360 (yards)" not sure what wind conditions or slope or launch monitor setting you're using….

Leo Tong says:

Jason day's bad back means he can't play, but he can smash the M1!

mike hunt says:

They look crap

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