Taylor Made P790 Irons- Average Golfer Tests

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Justin Stephenson says:

Have now played a couple of rounds with my new M1s and had time to think more about how M1s, P790s and similar irons have "stopping power".

Irons are designed for the US market for the simple reason that is by far the biggest and most profitable market. In general US golf courses have greens which are a bit more receptive than many UK courses. With the rain we have had over last week my local club greens are very receptive and I had no difficulty stopping the ball very quickly with anything from 7i upwards, even a knock down 8i to keep below some tree branches stopped quickly.

I would be a bit more wary if you are playing links courses in summer when the greens tend to be hard.

Bryant Piper says:

As always love your videos and opinions. I currently game Mizuno mp 25. I'm sure the 790s can't beat those on feel but which would you consider being the most forgiving club. My handicap is a 12 and have went downhill a bit this year gaming the mp25. Could these clubs be for me? Appreciate your feedback

fullwerkes says:

The lower spin is caused by the closed club face you are presenting at impact. The spin axis [side] spin is way up in the 800-1000s which indicates this [ideally it should be between 0-300 depending on the shape you are after. Obviously if the club face is more closed than usual the spin loft is compromised.

Nice review.

Alan Heseltine says:

Great review Andy, looks like it's going to be a great fit with your new place to do them in

Colt Allgood says:

Great vid Andy…love the new "office"

BTatHome says:

Stunning looking place Andy, and wow what great looking irons too. Would love the opportunity to hit that 5 iron, as I struggle to hit long irons. Would expect to not need more than a 5 iron in the bag if they that good!

Paddy Golf says:

Another good review thanks man! Very jealous you get to test the new gear ??? keep the show going and congrats on hitting 4K subscribers ??

stare development says:

Like your videos! Would be cool if you could tilt the camera down a bit so that we could see the mat with the ball during the shots.

Happy Duffer says:

I'd love to see you redo this review with a 7 iron… it would give more of an apples to apples perspective with the other reviews.

Mike Farrell says:

Hi Andy, I have been using taylor made for years and I have always loved them ,but lately I'm fed up looking at all these speed slots and all .be back in manchester in a few weeks and I might just have a drive over to chester

THP Golf TV says:

Speed Foam is the name of a shower gel for men in the US.

Trotter 1966 says:

Striking it well Andy. Your new office looks fit for purpose – happy days ?

michandcat says:

Impressive length with that 5 iron. I thought you were gonna knock down the 200 yard sign on the fly. Happy 4000 subs my friend. Greetings from New York city. Mich

Chad Ostby says:

Well done, your right you have always had low spin numbers on your videos and I also have a skytrak so I know it is not the machine. Love the new place. Could you do a comparison video of this the ping I blade and the Wilson fg6? Like those videos.

Fit2YouGolf says:

Great review on a nice looking club. Crazy long carry with low spin! Did you mention what kind of balls you were hitting? Just wondering if that had an impact on that spin number.

Steve Cottrell says:

Great review again Andy. Have you checked your spin numbers against another system? I.e. Trackman

Terry Ainscough says:

Your swing is looking great Andy, keep it up.

Peter Atherton says:

Swing is looking good these days Andy, much better looking than in the early days, I've noticed especially your follow through, your right arm doesn't go right across your body these days and seems to get a bit higher and goes over your left shoulder into a much better looking finish position, is this something you've been working on? The striking and dispersion on your reviews is much improved, if your not careful you'll have to change how you word your reviews, you'll have to say "let's see how these clubs perform in the hands of the BETTER than average golfer" heehee, Liam had better watch out. Keep up the good work mate.

Peter Atherton

James Harrity says:

It's a much better looking iron then the 750 or 770

William Russell says:

This is why I really like Ping. No nonsense equipment that is really good. All of these companies are really struggling to invent anything groundbreaking.

Speedfoam is straight out of a PXG hand book.

I do enjoy your vids though Andy.

Michael Totten says:

Nice vid Andy. I had those same TM Burner Midsize irons in the '90's. As such, PXG will have a hard time winning their lawsuit.

Ken Royal says:

Looks like a great venue for your reviews and other camera work. Also liked the tracking/tech images as well. Clear and bright. Looking forward to more. Cheers!

Justin Stephenson says:

Nice looking club. I would be interested to know how these compare to the M1s (I have these coming next week for me). Plenty of people commented that M1 was a low spin club but when I tried the 7i I found it to be very easy to stop on the green – which may be the height it gets. I wonder if the P790s would be similar

I am hoping to get around 200 yards with a 5i M1 and I thought I was a reasonably long hitter for the average club golfer!

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