2017 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Watch the complete final round and playoff broadcast of the 2017 Masters. Sergio Garcia defeats Justin Rose in a playoff to win his first major championship.


Joonas Salonen says:

Give us 2018 Masters !

Matt J says:

The difference in reaction to this win and Patrick's is night and day.

Patrick Eckhardt says:

Is the final round of the 2018 masters also coming online today or in one of this days?

Neet says:

Thanks for posting, better watch this quick before it gets taken away!

bob skyler says:

sergio's putting is abysmal

Tom Ryan says:

Everyone at Augusta that day were cheering for Sergio.

O. G. says:

47:06 Champions Swing!

B B says:

CBS you gotta play the piano masters theme more, come on man.

Francisco says:

56:35 that missed putt made Steve Williams quit looping for Adam Scott lol. His reaction like wtf

LR III says:

Wtf happened to the music? This isn’t college football. Where’s the piano?? You guys mess up a good thing

Trevor Schumacher says:

Such a great shot at 4:02:34

Trevor Schumacher says:

Love the crowd reaction at 4:32:50 when the crowd at 18 saw Rose bogeyed 17

SNES drunk says:

5:07:50 The transitions from Nantz to Faldo has never been funnier, Faldo's uncomfortable, "Well, you have to do everything right…" Good god

SNES drunk says:

5:05:20 Sergio's winning putt

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