Honma TW747 Irons Review – All 3 Models!!

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I review the Honma TW747 range of irons TW747P TW747VX & TW747V providing launch monitor data and my personal feedback on the looks, feel and type of golfer these irons are aimed at.

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10 thoughts on “Honma TW747 Irons Review – All 3 Models!!

  1. Probably should have thrown out the lowest and highest readings to get a better average number. Love to hear how these compare to the Honma Trx21 irons from 2 years ago.

  2. Subsequent to this review Honma introduced the T//World-X hollow body irons in June, 2019.  I am hopeful that you will soon be able to review these irons, and perhaps do a comparison with other such irons like the Titleist T-MB, Ping I500 & I700, and TaylorMade P790.

  3. Numbers between the P and VX are not vastly different. Would one consider the VX (being forged) to provide more workability over the P, and if adding a little more distance and forgiveness consider the P over the VX?

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