2021 TAYLORMADE TP5 & TP5X GOLF BALLS // Full Review vs. 2019 Models & Tour Response

Testing the latest TP5 golf balls from Taylormade to see how they've changed since 2019 – plus we find out if the cost effective Tour Response model can keep up with the more expensive TP5's!

0:00 // Intro
4:29 // Testing
10:49 // Results & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

28 thoughts on “2021 TAYLORMADE TP5 & TP5X GOLF BALLS // Full Review vs. 2019 Models & Tour Response

  1. Regardless of spin, ball speed, etc., across all of the clubs, the difference between carry and total distance between the most expensive ball and the least expensive ball was about 6 yards or less (and within 2 yards on the shorter irons). And the dispersion was negligible. Now we can't all swing with the accuracy and consistency of Matt, but with such similar results, what would prompt a person playing a Tour Response to spend $15 more per box for a ball that performs nearly identically?

  2. Enjoyed the TP5 but the durability just wasn't there for me. The cover marked up so quickly compared to Bridgestone or Titleist. Wonder if this was addressed in the 21 ball

  3. 10-15 yards loss off the driver when you play a lower compression ball if your a high swing speed player. Why I play Srixon Z-Star Xv, when they go 50% off every year nothing beats that value for me being a higher swing speed player.

  4. Overall it looks like TaylorMade has made the spin characteristics between the models more uniform / consistent for iron shots – TP5 has highest spin, TP5x has mid-spin, Tour Response has lowest spin

  5. I know this aspect is often overlooked but in comparison to all of the other brands (2018 and onwards) I found that the TP5s were some of the least durable balls I played with. I am a scratch player and I can play a few rounds with one ball and a Titleist or Bridgestone last the longest for ME. The TP5xs are my favorite ball but the downside is they have always been needed to be replaced more frequently than it's competitors. Maybe it was the cover they use idk but the 2019 versions gashed so easily and felt like I had to replace one every other round. The 2019s were MUCH better on durability than their previous line before that so I hope this new line continues that. I know its hard and theres only so much you can do with a cover but still… Titleist and Bridgestones can last me 2-4 rounds vs TP5s 1-3

  6. You guys are the best, most information rich golf equipment channel on YouTube. You're great for the industry, I end up trying out equipment and balls I'd otherwise glance over at my local golf store. Thanks. Please keep it coming.

  7. So I understand the ball tests from a spin/ball speed launch angle perspective… however how does the GC quad consider the aerodynamic influence of dimple pattern? This is something the computer cannot predict without a lot of complicated physics!

  8. Anyone else love to see Ronnie come in and be a part of a mid-handicap golf ball bracket? Id love to see the deviation between different handicap ranges from 0-15, and which balls feed into specific niches of players!

  9. Can you compare de the Costco Kirkland golf ball against a premium golf ball. At around 35$ for 24 balls, it's pretty cheap + it's a 4 layer .Would be interesting to compare.

  10. The chart with the old vs new ballflight – this is EXACTLY what I was asking when I said can a new ball destroy all that fitting for a driver… you bought the driver in 2019, fit to that 2019 ball and now they have the ball launching lower with a new spin number, effectively changing the driver "fit"… I have always liked these balls more than the ProV1, and love the older hex designs in the wind but haven't tried either one since I have been slowly using up my 2019 balls.

  11. Been using the TM Tour Response since its launch, superb ball for the money, and as your test showed suitable for all except those with serious speed like Matt who are able to gain the benefits from the tour level ball.

  12. all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern on TP5 line but not the Tour Response hmmmm … whenever I see a ball test I'm always curious to hear Mr. Frasers comments on how he predicts the ball will perform in playing conditions, these tests go a long way in narrowing down what you might like to give a whack this season, so appreciate it and keep them coming!?

  13. Not sure I am 100% on board on just hit a bunch of shots and no talking. I would like to have hear something other than " so clicky" in the 40 or something shots I saw. At the least something other than watching swing after swing in a odd moment of silence for the balls Matty is killing in these driver shots.

    At the very least show us the numbers in real time like you are seeing not us just watching swings waiting to see something.

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