Titleist Pro V1 vs CHEAP NEW Alternative Ball | Mid Handicap On Course Test!

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Cheap Golf Ball vs Titleist Pro V1 | Mid Handicap On Course Test! Often when buying new golf clubs we overlook one of the most important factors… what golf ball should you use? Should you use an expensive golf ball? Maybe a Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Pro V1X… a Taylormade TP5, Callaway Chromesoft? Even a Vice Pro or Kirkland Signature? What’s the best golf ball? The best mid handicap golf balls? The best golf ball of 2021? In this video mid handicap Mark tests the Uther golf ball against a Titleist pro-V1 on the golf course… let’s do it, and let’s do it now!


James Ryan says:

Birdie . Great content!!

Jeff Backer says:

I play Impulse Tour, a 3-piece ball from Academy Sports in the States. They are $12.99/dozen. Over Christmas, they were $9.99. Bought 15 dozen. They play as well as any other (Sorry mid-high handicappers – if you're spending anything above $25/dozen, you're wasting your money. Save it and play nicer courses!). The most important part is I don't cry when I lose them at 83 cents a ball…and, I take money from my group just the same.

Teddy Bear says:


I use the Kirkland ball plus any other "premium" balls I find in the rough

Anders Olofsson says:

I buy pro v1 lake balls (not repainted or refurbished, only washed)
25 punds for 28 balls b grade
The only difference i see between lake pro v1 and new ones are how long they last and when I am good enough to not loose 3-4 balls per round that will be something I will be concerned about ?

Mark Schell says:

Birdie, currently using the Mizuno RB tour x

Keith Starnicky says:

Compared to full price top tier balls, much better value. But I play the Taylormade TP5 PRACTICE balls and get those for $30/dz. Titleist also has Pro V1 practice balls for a similar price. Against that price range, not as good of a deal.

Rhys Morgan says:

Pearl Golf Balls- x version- online only and ranked well in Golf Magazine's robot golf ball testing

James Mosley says:

Callaway soft $47.99 dollars I try to pickup several boxes when they are on sale. A good game i may lose 1 or 2. I have lost 6 balls in one round, my balls wanted to go swimming.

Jo G says:

Birdie what a great experience that would be ??

david Collins-stoneman says:

Birdie. I had switched to the Kirkland which I liked until I tried the calaway chromesoft which I now use in all club comps and others. (11.2 handicap at Oldham)

Christopher Differ says:

As new golfer I have been investing in the Wilson Ultra as my cheap go to balls that I can get from Amazon and a few local retailers for about 1 -1.15 euro per ball. Then I have been trying Wilson Dx2, Optix matt orange, Voltik, Callaway soft (matt red), and I won a sleeve of ProV1s that I lost after two rounds.

Phillip Tyrrell says:

I would also say Uther as in pendragon. Not other ?

Phillip Tyrrell says:

I play with AD333. Get them for about £17-£19.
Mark will Deffo get a birdie

MegaStan316 says:

bridgestone tour bx or bxs ball guys £34 for a dozen not cheap but for a premium ball its a good price and their better than a pro v in my eye more spin but more distance of driver

philip lindoe says:


Mix, pro v1x, ad333, srixon, everything taylormade in the bag!!! Come on the sponsor!!!

Scott Rivkin says:

No one ever tests Snell MTB Black 🙁

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