How to INSTANTLY hit your WOODS longer off the TEE – PLUS HYBRIDS

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Instantly lower your scores with these 5 simple steps.
Finding a safe shot of the tee that can continuously give you distance as well as security is key to beating your personal best.

Go give these a go and Let me know how you get on

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MrZocor says:

Been doing that forever. Still chunk a lot.

therock1911 says:

Could’ve just said hit it like an iron vs a driver but whatever 🤷🏾‍♂️

Martin G says:

I need that info

Lord • [YT] says:

Bruh i‘m not trying to hit UP on the golfball, instead i try to hit it lol. Sometimes its a great shot with good distance out of nowhere, but then all of a sudden i can replicat that shot eventhpugh the stance and everything is the same. Got complimented by some granny the other day out on the range and i thanked her but yeah its weird out there.

You have the old ass grandpas and grandmas who swing in slow motion bc their bodies fall apart and either hit the ball 1 foot or way too far for their form.
The there’s the coach or some other semi pro who bombs every coub but has an outrage the entire time bc its not good enough.
The normie like me with average/below average gear.
The rich kid with hit little rolling bobbycar looking thing for his clubs that you laready know daddy bought him.
The rich dad/entrepreneur that is on a call all the time while his wife and son are the only ones playing a bit.
The loud ass drunk dad of 5 screaming his brains oit in the restaurant for some reason.

The list goes on but that’s just a few.

Howard Flores says:

Can’t you just raise the tee a little bit?

Herman Herman says:

I like this…🏌️‍♂️⛳🏌️‍♂️

Ibrahim Faisal says:

Are you allowed to use a “tee” for a fairway wood?

Rodrigo de Miguel Lamminen says:

In my mind, the hybrid is just another long iron. Don't really know how to hit the woods though 😅

that weird Aussie kid says:

asking for the footage of playing whith a cam is the ball P7

scratch reflog says:

Play with kids clubs and half golf ball against your dad 😢

scratch reflog says:

Play with kids clubs against your dad 😂 and with half a golf ball

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