The BEST golf clubs I’ve ever tested (for every part of the bag!)

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I put together my all-time favourite/best set of clubs and explain why I think these are the best clubs I've ever played with! Make sure to check out channel partners Golfbidder here

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Post on Instagram is now live!! Big thank you to Golfbidder for being a partner of the channel for so long ❤️❤️❤️

ben-trant123 says:

Charlie Chaplin

Vincent Leclair Pouw says:

Christopher Columbus

gary artingstall says:

CC ? Is it Crusty the Clown?

Chris Donnelly says:

My Taylormade m2 3 wood is almost as long as my m5 driver it’s nuts, been having trouble hitting it, keep slicing sadly or catching it fat

Rob Bragg says:

I thought the Srixon driving iron was the mp20 mizuno. I have the full set and think they’re incredible so hoped you was reviewing them

James Fraley says:

Why don't you use these clubs Pete?

Deadly Mantis says:

Might be Charlie Chaplins wedge

Pat Mac says:

CC Cameron champ

Ian Murray says:

Christopher Columbus……best CC? He even explored the world!!

TJ Meyer says:

CC….Canadian Club. Coke is optional.🙃

Mil Sneler says:

Best club I played with edition 10 000.

Mike the Whizz says:

Charlie Chaplin?

Mike the Whizz says:

Now ping has the forged i59s which are astronomical in price and even more so in looks

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