Mark Crossfield PGA Professional is helping you understand ways to improve your golf driving. Talking course management, swing technique and what golf clubs you should be using to help you increase your fairways hit and potentially lower your golf scores. If you struggle getting off the tee make sure you watch all of Mark Top 5 golf tips to help you improve your golf tee shots. Stand on that tee confident next time you are on the golf course knowing what you want to do with your drive and what the best way to achieve this is.

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  1. Good advice, but 5wood for safety left and right all day for me. Driver is at 57%in the fairway. 5wd is at 72%. Is it shorter, yes. Worth it to not go OB, yes.

  2. Here's one that helped me. I never got a driver fitting so my driver was too long (46" off the shelf). I choke down all the way and that has helped me hit more fairways. I do plan on eventually getting it cut shorter.

  3. Mark – I so enjoy your videos. You are a fantastic coach. I love the way you teach to play YOUR game. Not try to change what people do but how to work with what you do! Everyone has their own game that works for them but every time you go out your game is a little different – this video addresses that fact – thanks for the great work- Cheers!

  4. Not saying the 3wood vs Driver Fairway Hit Data isn't Factual, however, my experience on my course, playing 6800 yards, is I play 3 wood off the tee 6 times, and only 1 of those is Driver not appropriate; on 5 of them, the required shot has an exacting shape so I chose my shorter shafted, but strong lofted 3wood, as I have a better ability to deliver shot shape. Thus, without knowing the fairway widths, or other relevant important data, the comparable 3wood vs Driver Statistics are not comparable – or the actual facts are likely hidden.

  5. I like my 3 wood off the tee. It hits the fairway 10% more than my driver and is less likely to miss left, I sometimes get a hook with the driver so if being dead is to the left I will hit the 3 wood. There is a hole I am torn between hitting driver and 3 wood, although it is not a lateral hazard the dog leg nature of the hole means a push with the driver means it goes OoB where as the same shot with a 3 wood is much less likely to reach. I would like you to make a video about hitting down wind, is it better to use a 3 wood with more spin so it carries the wind?

  6. HIT MY DRIVER! Appreciate the tips. Quite honestly, sometimes it’s just mental laziness that gets the better of us. Recently I’ve tried to change my mental approach by using stats to remind myself to set real expectations and control my emotions towards my missed shots. I think these tips make much more sense to me now than they would have just two years ago! Another banger Mark!

  7. Took a lesson recently to keep driver more in play, and it’s amazing the poor habit I’d slipped into, getting a two way miss. Now feel more confident of the pattern.

  8. "Hit my driver" I only missed 3 fairways at the weekend. All with the driver though. Having said that i only used my 3 wood on one tee shot. After your tips on not being lazy and the driver should be toed up, my driving has been much, much better. Many thanks Mark for all the work you do on trying to get us to play better golf.

  9. i have watched hundreds of videos made by pros and 50% fairways or greens hit would be a great improvement! even rick,pete ,matt fryer open qualify videos all hit less than 50% often saying they didnt hole anything at the end.

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