Have you ever focused your attention on your body and how it moves through the golf swing? Improving how the body moves through the swing can positively impact the clubs movements and help with deliver, power and consistency

This video focus on 3 really important body movements in the golf swing and shows you how to execute these moves better




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  1. Isn't the movement of the legs (feet/knees) important in the down swing? Shouldn't you mention that as well to get the correct sequence of events?

  2. Hi Chris, with side bend, I may end up with hanging back. At what stage does this send bend take place? For instance, when I shift weight to leading side? Thanks.

  3. Hi Chris, great all this…thanks…When I take my right hip up with turn later, I may end up with reverse pivot. (correct? ) So, what is your suggestion please? Just turn your right hip back? thanks.

  4. I think one of my big challenges is that side bend with the elbow in. When I swing the club horizontally like a baseball bat my elbow and should automatically drop into place. So, my problem is definitely my brains inability to trust that the club is not going to hit the ground staying in that position. So my body makes all kinds of adjustments right before impact. I have a natural in to out swing path but I flip the club instead of holding the angles thru impact. My flip is not bad but my hands are definitely not in front of the ball with shaft lean at impact. I would say my hands are right at the ball.

    Do you have any drills to get my mind to TRUST that I can hold those angles thru impact? When I try to do it my club bottoms out because my old habit still thinks I need to flip to get the clubface square at impact. If I can hold this angle I think my swing will be pretty decent.

  5. This video helped me realized that my setup was way off. My lead hip was a lot higher and my back and shoulders weren't aligned correctly and facing slightly right of the target. (Lefty golfer). Thank you for helping me to find my flaw.

  6. Fantastic video! This is the very best video I have ever, I mean EVER, watched, for the golf swing. If you people out there want to start playing real golf, watch this video over and over again. It will turn you into to a golfer rather than a hack! There is only one (1) way to get to the ball without hitting behind it or coming over the top and this video shows you how to get to the ball the correct way. Great Job!!

  7. Good Lesson Chris. Unfortunately, the fat shot has always been my nemesis. Side bend has always felt like the fat shot is more likely and a clean decending strike with irons more difficult, with the shoulders and arms feeling like their too much on the way up by the time the club comes through to impact. I have been making sure my weight is through to the left side without swaying. It feels like my body and shoulders habitually outpace my arms and side bend makes this worse….Any tips as to how to sync up better?

  8. I like the way you blend together past videos like side bend,set up and body movement and put them together in a new video. I think I'm guilty of all these faults. Still off golf Chris with bad back seing chiropractor now. But love watching your videos. It keeps me going. Thank you. John

  9. Chris, Sorry to be a bit of a pooper but doesn’t that side bend drill contradict your previous advice of getting the lead shoulder going down at the start of the downswing?

  10. Side lean and hip rotation are funny things. They are physically difficult to do so I don't do it every time. This is where practice comes in.

  11. This is one of the best explained instructional golf videos on the golf swing , know I understand what I might have been doing wrong in my golf swing . Many thanks.

  12. Great content and new drills not seen before ??. Is the same side bend for all clubs ie driver? This definitely something I haven’t been doing. Thanks again.

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