Stop Connecting Your Arms And Body In The Golf Swing

Connected golf swing done correctly is something that most golfers struggle with because clamping the arms in the golf swing to the body is not how to swing a golf club. especially if you lack flexibility and you are a senior golf swing owner or a more beginner golfer.

Here Alex Fortey shares the fault of pinning the arms in and turning in backsing too much but also shares some simple connected golf swing drills that allow for natural arm move and flow.

You see the golf swing is not all about golf swing rotation and making a big turn on the backswing and rotation of hips in downswing.

The mistake is thinking that keeping the arms tight to the body as you make a backswing you still want to allow the arms in the golf to lift. It's a natural golf swing move and pinning the arms down adds restriction and tension in the golf swing.

Connected golf swing arms mechanics are too complicated or forced, however there are some golf connected golf swing drills like Alex fortey demonstrates with the towel under the arms is a good drill to feel the body rotation.

If you want a more effortless golf swing you need to allow the arms to lift a little on the backswing. It will create leverage and effortless golf swing power as well as consistency.

Stack and tilt like to say keep arms pinned against the body, but that's not what most people should do to an extreme.

You need to allow flow in your golf swing.

0:00 connected golf swing mistakes
1:20 Connected arms golf swing mechanics
3:50 Arms in the golf swing drills
6:00 golf swing rotation with ease arm lift dril
7:00 effortless golf swing connected arms and body
Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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19 thoughts on “Stop Connecting Your Arms And Body In The Golf Swing

  1. Have you been trying to stay connected in your golf swing like this? Let me know below ? BIG THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Trying to give back to you guys more and more ❤️

  2. The only reason I try to stay very connected is that I struggle with shanks. And yes, it is very difficult to swing comfortably when you know you can shank the ball at any time.

  3. I have been struggling with distance and I decided to check if my arms are to connected to my chest. I noticed that my arms are too close and not swinging freely taking away distance and swing speed. I will work on that and see if this will help and let you know. Thanks.ddddddd

  4. I’ve hit the pin many times at Dyker Beach Golf Course. Lately I hit the seventh flag stick so hard that it was herd nearly 100 yards away. The ball stayed three feet from the pin. So I salvaged par. I suggest that people not think to use the code name “Pin Head” when texting friends. An old college buddy of mine upon seeing my code name got back to me requesting “ Pin head I need a taxi ride to the airport!”. I can’t complain about him. Because he complained about my not hearing him ,I now wear an expensive hearing aid. Hearing better allows the brain to process information much more quickly. Leading to a more youthful feeling.

  5. I’ve been very concerned about the elevation of the arms when the shoulders are nearly at 90 degree on the backswing. The key I will need to find is the timing of the elevation. The hands still will remain close to the body but then will elevate. The basic thought was that first the hands, then the arms and then the shoulders and then the hips. Learning something new means completely reorienting the use of my arms. Eventually it will become a subconscious routine.

  6. Alex in today’s round of golf ⛳️ I had beginning difficulty with hitting down on my drives. Later in the round I needed to consider what I was overlooking. I believe that the first most immediate concern when setting up to hit the golf ball is to make sure that my knees are over my toes when I look down and begin to feel for the club head over and behind the ball. Without proper erect posture over the ball all my study about the swing is lost. I’m used to being more concerned about looking at the ball for my first swing of the day. From now on ,before I can be concerned with the ball directly ,I will be setting up my posture over the ball and looking down at my knees and toes. If my knees are over my ankles, then I will be off balance and wildly flailing at the ball.

  7. I have an old friend from Brooklyn College who has a home on the #1 golf course in Pennsylvania. Lord’s Valley CC Golf Course. His house is next to the ninth green and his back porch is over the lake where many golf balls can be found. He’s very frustrated with golf. This exercise can help him. I learned a golf joke that involves a lake. A golfer says to his caddy“ I’m so frustrated with golf that I’m going to jump in the lake and drown myself. “ The caddy looks at him and says “ I don’t think you can do it. You don’t keep your head down!” After my friend complained about my hearing I had my hearing tested. Now I wear hearing aids. I texted him about the hearing aids and he texted back, why bother you don’t listen anyway. It’s good to have friends who find you annoying.

  8. When you said that the shoulders are nearly fully turned, I believe is the point where the second half of the backswing begins. Again for the second half, the hands begin with the arms and lastly the shoulders.

  9. I will give it a try. I’ve yet to video my swing. The idea ,after the arms are straight, in triangular formation to elevate, is a calm meditative meditative approach to a repeatable backswing. My concern today was the distance between my feet when hitting mid irons to driver. My shoulder width is 16 inches. So either the sixteen inches is from the outside of my feet or from the inside of my feet. The feet too far apart doesn’t allow me to feel very flexible.

  10. Dont know about T Rex but cant imagine a Kangaroo will get any width in their golf swing ? always enjoy the simplicity of your instruction for us average golfers..thanks Alex

  11. I’ve been playing golf for 54 years….I learned this move from a different You tube instructor but, it’s the key to a good golf swing!! Arms and hands locked in!! First time in single digit handicap!! Should be taught to every beginner!!

  12. My lordy This video had me sticking my head in the toilet. It changed my game..I mean it…it changed my fookin game. Now I can live up to my golf bag with pride!

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