Effortless Golf Swing – How to transfer your weight in the GOLF SWING

How do you achieve an Effortless Golf Swing? – One way is to learn how to transfer your weight in the backswing and the downswing. I personally love this drill. Its wonderful at getting the all important feel of what you should be doing.

Part of the drill I took form world long drive champion Kyle Berkshire. Don't worry though you don't have to have his physical body to make it work…I promise ?

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29 thoughts on “Effortless Golf Swing – How to transfer your weight in the GOLF SWING

  1. Hi Danny – there has always been something missing in my golf swing, that is until I came across this lesson yesterday. I've always known my weight transference was an issue and I was never able to get the sequence quite right, that is till now. I've just been down to the range and WOW what a difference. Never have I hit so many balls consistently from irons to hybrid to fairway woods to driver. Without trying to hit the skin off the ball my distances dramatically increased, it just felt so natural. I cannot thank you enough – may I suggest you re-post this lesson as I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has this issue – either way keep up the good work – thank you again

  2. Am i correct,if you don,t start with the push before the twist you haven,t transferred your weight to trail foot.Makes sense.S/j/

  3. I've been watching golf videos for years and have changed SO many aspects of my game, but THIS video has helped me THE most out of every video combined! Maybe wrestling and baseball set me up for failure with a golf swing, but this simple drill has changed my entire game! Thank you!!

  4. Hey Danny, can you confirm? In trying to figure out weight transfer and how to really feel it, after watching this video I thought of breaking it down to just turning the upper body through the hips. Keeping shoulders and upper body completely neutral and vertical and arms hanging (head following the shoulders) turning 90+ degrees to the side (while maintaining feet forward) and having weight on the right leg when turned to the right and left leg when turned to the left. It doesn't seem possible to do (without feeling nasty strains) without properly putting my hip directly back, so that seemed to help with that. When bent over (and especially when using arms) it was easy to get the shoulders involved and think I am properly turning the hips. It was also interesting to turn completely while vertical, then bend over, then raise the arms. I was in a similar position to what I had been practicing before, but it didn't feel the same. It felt more proper, powerful, relaxed and natural.

    Anyways, I tried moving from full right to full left (fully vertical, no arms, shoulders or bending), back and forth at a slower speed, and weight transfer was all over the place, and even almost fully on the wrong leg at times if I wasn't putting enough focus into it.
    However, I found that if I turn all the way to the right and then try and turn as fast as I can to full left (or the inverse), I have no choice but to transfer weight as I see in all the videos. Without thinking about anything but turning as fast as I can (and not losing my balance), weight comes off the right while pushing with the right toes, transfers to the left (mostly the heel, and the the outside of the left foot) and the right foot even turns most of the way in the finish by itself. The knees and hips also seem to move exactly as they should. It was a revelation in feeling.
    Is it just me (and previous practice) or is this actually the case and a universal way to understand and feel the weight transfer and hip/leg movement as well as how the body is supposed to generate speed and force through hip rotation? (If you covered this in a video, I didn't see it, I have watched a lot of them but not all yet.)

    Thanks for all your videos, you're my favourite youtube golf channel. I'm a novice at golf (about 5 times on a course and maybe a dozen times at the range over the last 25 years…) and before starting to watch your videos (I decided out of the blue to see if youtube could teach me how a couple months ago, I hadn't swung a club in 4 years), my understanding of the golf swing was completely wrong. I was an arm swinger, a caster, an almost no hip turner, I tried to guide the club face straight through at impact, I had no ability to hit with any semblance of consistency (or at all really), had no understanding of how the club face can naturally square up, why balls go left or right, any concept of what lag was, etc. I've been practicing swinging (no hitting, can't do that at home) and I think if I can get out golfing this year, I might actually be able to have a truly good hit for the first time now.

  5. Absolutely has helped me with my full golf swing .I have never been able to follow all the way thru . Tried this at the driving range and saw an immediate difference . My fiancee did video and I immediately saw the change .Thank you

  6. Could never find a way to transfer my weight onto my front foot until now. Fantastic lesson Danny! After a short practice of your method, for the first time ever, I was able to hit my 5 iron 175 off the tee. I also carried my 8 iron 135 yards onto the green. In fact, all my shots are going longer and I'm not losing my accuracy. My iron play has always been my weak point and now I know I can reduce my handicap from 19 to 14 next year. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this drill. I do this every time after first time I saw this video, and it helps me to feel the control of weight shift. It improved my game. Well I knew about the weight shift but did not allways do it like this. It is very importent.

  8. I certainly feel like this is why I have no distance on my irons at all I'm so off balance just practiced at home and can already feel the difference in swing speed just by shifting weight like this

  9. Same problem here: always tied to hit all the correct "positions" while swinging "around my spine" – felt like a robot… this drill gave me the "feeling" versus the "positions". Took to driving range today – best ball striking session ever. Danny Maude – you are a genius!

  10. Hi Danny, this is great! Really simplifies it for me as weight shift is something I’ve always struggled with! Quick question if you don’t mind! As a player who hasn’t struggled with the ‘turn’ part, I tend to turn immediately from the top which can cause me to cut across the ball and hit behind it as I don’t get onto my lead side properly, would you suggest for me that in the drill and my swing I really focus on the ‘push’ part BEFORE twisting ? Really appreciate it Danny!

  11. Started golfing at 21, by 24 I was an 11 handicap, legit. Sorta took a hiatus from playing between 27-32 and now I’m back at it, but in doing a drill where your feet are together at address, backswing, and then step forward with lead foot start downswing…that drill has destroyed my soul. I can not stop stepping forward and towards the golf ball (closing myself off) now. I find that when there is no ball there, my practice swings, weight shift, everything, could not be better – no stepping, nice and loose, hands forward when I bottom out the club. But once you put a ball down, forget it. I step and step and step. It is driving me insane. Aside from shooting myself, what can I do??

  12. Danny, I am suffering major issues with trying to hit the ball whilst my weight is on the back foot, causing a shank like shot, it is just with my irons, mostly wedges, my driver, woods and hybrids are sound, I transfer the weight swing through and hit the ball awesome, but this issue with my irons is driving me insane, HELP please

  13. Just found this video & it really helped my game, I was basically swinging like your student was. Seeing this video & practicing it over & over I am striking the ball with improved distance & accuracy as well. Thank you for such a great lesson ,it is one that I will continue to work on.

  14. I realized I have been golfing pretty leg locked for the last 15 years or so. I only play a few times a year but I would tend to just keep my head and eyes dead set on the ball having a very non fluid "old man swing" even though Im only a few years from 40. I am attempting to swing more fluidly but ended up hurting my groin as I tried to push up in my front leg. Still a work in progress.

    I did find though my balls went a bit straighter and definitely got more loft. I have a lot of work to do and i'll try this exercise out.

  15. This video is top, was struggling so much with sliding and bending my right knee not really getting to get the weight on the right foot at all, been doing this for 10 minutes and I can consistently do it without having to use my full brain on it. When you are really used to do something it's actually so hard to change, indeed.

  16. On the back swing, where on your foot should have most pressure? It’s the ball of your right foot, correct? My buddy says heel of right foot.

  17. Really great yet simple instructions Danny. With this drill would their be more emphasis on not only pushing with lower body but focusing on the twist coming from the feet/pelvis rather than the arms driving the initial twist? So the upper body rotation adds that extra load in the back swing just as you push to the lead leg? Cheers

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