3 Reasons Why Your Chest Is Lagging

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j dominian says:

Total truth.

Chuck Tha Dom says:

Hey my brother I recommended doing some pullovers at the end of your chest workouts, weighted chest stretch will spark some new chest growth

Deandre Johnson says:

I love how u keep reminding us not to ego lift and only do shit u can feel

Rilo Robinson says:

If only I could get these guys to get over Ego lifting

ol' school Tony Carter says:

Machines can even out your body. I need to use the machines more than the freeweights.

Andy Evans says:

Dont forget to do mobility work bro

Shawn Steed says:

Clinks don't play no game in dat gym bro, Go Hard or Go Home?

AlphaKing says:

Sound like a young Chris Jones lol… I see you homie!

King Yedidyah Raiment says:

My chest is my weakest body part, I’ll take your advice and try your method. I really wanted to build that power and push like 3 plates on each side but I just can’t develop that strength. I usually fall off after my body starts looking good then I get comfortable. Right now I’m rebuilding for the summer. My genetic body structure is very good so maybe I’ll just focus on building and not feel so disappointed on my weak bench press, that shit be getting on my nerves.

Myster Lemba Channel says:

Good vid and great advice.

Falcon 84 says:

Time under tension is key as well as moderate weight. In other worlds that hyper trophy achieving that pump???

Fasting Is Life says:

This is why I do low weight so I can do my lifts with correct form

TrevorNever says:

Don’t separate it yet. Keep doing it this way.

George Tselikis says:

You need to start a separate fitness channel my man

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