How To Fix Lagging Biceps (2 Exercises w/ Tutorials)

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Daniel Bio says:

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kevin gonzalez says:

i am going to try this.. something different..

J.D. Forbes says:

Awoke. Thank you. I just found you today. People at work was talking about you. I couldn’t wait to go home and search you.

Johnnie Campbell says:

I need to get hoe ready…

Phillip Gratton says:

What happened to physiques of greatness?

Frankie Miller says:

I really needed to see this on biceps, Thanx Chris Jones for tha tips!

C Jones says:

That $hit is 100% !!!! Thanks for the tip !!!!

George Mendoza says:

Thanks, Chris Jones. I’ll give a shot on Thursday when my upper body workout, keep bring’n it my boy…always keep’n it one hunit! ??☝️

Raj Shikhawat says:

These exercises really gave me a great pump man. Much luv to ma homie Chris Jones BEAST MODE..!!

Sameer Khan says:

I will try then let you know. You r real hero for us

Paco Barreza says:

Fuckin a good tips bro hello from cali

Richard Sablan says:

,thanks Chris your video explained a lot of my problems . If possible can you help me with a problem I'm having with my upper forearm and tendon taking the load on my curls. Thanks again for any info you can throw my way

Get me on the tour says:

AHAHHAHAHHA! "if you feel like you have to cheat, have a fucking seat" Just died

Scott McLean says:

This video has helped me……..thank you!

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