3 Simple Drills To Transform Your Golf Swing! β˜„οΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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In this video, we're showing you 3 simple drills to transform your golf swing! If you're looking to transform your golf swing, and finally hit drives the distance you KNOW you're capable of, this video is for you!

If you're looking for the PERFECT golf swing takeaway and want to make your golf swing FEEL Simple!

This video has some of our best golf swing tips to strike your irons PURE!

So if you're looking for the fastest way to improve your golf swing, then give this video a watch and let's transform your swing together!

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Athletic Motion Golf says:

Get our FREE Distance Training Here:Β https://athleticmotiongolf.com/distance

Mike Wood says:

This is spectacular!! Thank you!

J English says:

The hula hoop is really brilliant

wilson de lancy says:

Another dope ass video. I tell my friends, if they're not watching yall they're not trying to get better.

Nathan Perry says:

Great Video!!! A grip matchup video would be awesome. Also would I be correct in saying the right elbow in the pivot point of the backswing, and keeping it in front of the shirt seam is a helpful swing thought?

Aaron Luque-Ireland says:

Guys, I have been laughed at by other instructors over the years because I saw exactly what you two are discussing with the golf swing. It makes me feel proud that you two are just affirming exactly what I saw and how I taught. Thank you for proof positive facts to back up my theories. Keep it up!

Jon Rizo says:

Ok. Ok. I've said this on several videos before, but this video absolutely takes the cake. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN AS FAR AS GOLF INSTRUCTION GOES. THANKS GUYS!!

J Grudenic's Trumpet says:

This is probably the best instructional videos I’ve seen in a long time. Excited to try these drills. Thank you.

Wally Jimenez says:

Please do a video about making these moves with flow in the swing. Also I am right handed and play left handed does this change anything in this process.

Canada Mike πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ says:


Mike Schick says:

Thanks guys. Not letting the left wrist go past the perpendicular to the right shoulder is a better defined concept than the usual advice of keeping the arms in front of the chest. I owe you!

sahorne says:

What is the size of the football you were referring too? The one you placed in the left sleeve.

Rick Miller says:

I was typing my last comment before I grabbed a club even..I just did.. Wow.. It's amazing how much the swing is affected by the stability of the pelvis with the bent shins and the pelvis in, weight even. My takeaway isn't going too outside, top and transition are more stable..and u don't have to try as hard to Recenter.. All the way to the release being faster and more forward.. Just EVERYTHING… Love it! Can't be overlooked.

Rick Miller says:

Ah… vertical shins..I found I was overdoing the pelvis over the ankles WITH even vertical shins..and I was finding my pelvis hard to control still. Probably because I was afraid of too much knee bend pushing my pelvis back out… Weight was more in the toes.. Throwing me around..now it's much easier…I was also having trouble with the right knee because of it..I couldn't seem to get it to want to bend on the way back down more naturally. Problem solved. Thanks guys. I post these btw in case anyone runs across the same concerns.. You guys are the best ever at teaching the swing.

A Dael says:

I have watched many of their great swing mechanic videos. Very helpful… I think I came up with a training aid that aligns with their scientific analysis. Thanks AMG!

Bruce Balsano says:

I'd swear that I saw you guys in a video that showed how much the hands/arms moved vs the shoulders. This seems like it is 180 degrees "the other direction". I'm confused.

gman83a says:

Wish I could like video twice

bob bobob says:

best golf instruction content on yt

RgQtAltF4 says:

Wow, I've watched a lot of videos to try and take myself from raw beginner to average golfer, and this one has explained many vague terms and principles in a way that makes actual practical sense. I just filmed a few practice swings in my PJs, after watching this, and they immediately look so much better than before.

Liked and Subbed πŸ‘Œ

Rick Miller says:

Aha. I was tucking my pelvis over the heels, then MAXING them back, causing my structure to dip and stalling the turn. ….just "brush" it. Take the aspirin…not the bottle…lol.

Jeffery Lord says:

I always try to figure out which β€œtour winner” is the model. But everytime i see a great swing i think its mcilroy

wilson de lancy says:

Dope ass video fellas!! Getting a hula hoop immediately. The meshpoint of the takeaway and backswing still eludes me but I know it happens much sooner for better players

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