Most forgiving & Longest Irons 2023

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The Average Golfer says:

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Rob W says:

Whilst those irons look great and achieve great results, I am not sure I can warrant the cost at my level. Unfortunately, because I have to have a non stock length/lie it's difficult to get 2nd hand clubs. I think i will end up with Takomo. If i stick with the game and get significantly better then perhaps i will invest in a big name brand.

MrWubzHD says:

i dont know what crack you are smoking but they did scientific testing on both these clubs at mygolfspy and the big bertha was listed as the least forgiving club of all GI and SGI irons for 2023, and the paradym x was listed as the 3rd least forgiving game improvement iron only beating out the Wilson dynapower and the big bertha.

Darrell Green says:

Would you say that the Big Bertha's are more forgiving than the 0211's?

Paul Nutbrown says:

Just cant get past the looks, i know its silly..but just cant

Brian Treadwell says:

Forgiveness . . . . The extent to which a miss hit punishes you . . . . Part of me does not want to be ‘rewarded’ for a bad strike

Ed Toperzer says:

To me forgiveness is dispersion to me.

Allah Ali Baba says:

Andy…How can you possible get into a long and forgiving irons with out putting in the Wilson Staff D 9 forged irons???? These iron would blow the Calaways irons away and the lofts of a 7 iron is only 31.5 I for one don't like half lofts or I would be playing them instead of my Mizunos…Thanks..

Eric Myers says:

What happened to your Mezz? Forgiveness to me is limiting front to back dispersion on mishits to me, and IMO PXG absolutely dominates this category.

Peter Bould says:

I have bought some PXG 0211 irons, only had the 2 weeks, they are a rocket iron but not easy to handle. Having said that when they are hit right the flight and sound are great.

Cameron Loveless says:

How about a review of the Wilson Dynapwr irons Andy? They’d give these a run for their money, and cost quite a lot ot less

Chris England says:

Paradym X irons have taken me down from 22 to 18 HCP in a few months & I just hit a record (for me) 80 on a 6,012 yard hardish par 72 😇 I’m a slow swing speed due to health but the Paradym X has totally improved my game no question. They put tech in cars, formula 1, tennis rackets & tons of other things to make things easier so often wonder why some are snobby about game improvement irons especially when they technically use game improvement balls like pro v1 😂 Agree with sound & feel on Paradym X irons – just lovely

Rufuss Thoo says:

I'm with you And. I think of 'forgiveness' as consistency of ball speed, spin and carry across the face.

Mark Conroy says:

Really like this comparison but can you finish of the review in the studio to get the data, distance/ height/ spin rate. Thanks

Paul Newman says:

Hi where would these fit against takomo irns please

Daddy Harry says:

My definition of forgiveness is when you don’t get that crispy hit you are not punished too much overall. 🏌🏻‍♂️

Jeff Nahass says:

A crap swing is a crap swing!! Love it. You can’t forgive yourself for not taking a lesson or understanding how to play with a nice blade.

Ben Hogan brand made some great clubs. Callaway killed it. No interest in this brand. Buy Takomo or CALEY for forgiveness over these over priced clubs.

CatNash007 says:

What happened to the LAB Mezz?

Jerry Smiley says:

Excellent review!

Lee Schwabe says:

Perhaps "game improvement" is a misnomer. Would "score improvement" be a better term for a set of forgiving irons? However you want to call it, it's amazing all the options golfers have to improve their game and/or score…

Carmine Trento says:

What are your thoughts on these as opposed to the stealth or stealth hds? I’m in the market for my first set and I want to make sure it’s a good one lol😂

Bluetoughguy says:

I bought 2021 cobra t-rail irons earlier this year (super super game improvement irons) but got them on a pretty deep discount and I love them overall! I also picked up lessons with the money saved and went from about a 30+ handicap to around a 17 over the winter. Having the correct clubs for your level of play is super important for sure!!!

Mike Pugh says:

When I bought my TM Stealth irons earlier this year, the Paradym's were the longest and best performing irons I tried (over Mizuno JPX923 HM & HL, Ping G425). But the Callaway price was $400 over the TM's. I am very happy with my purchase and the savings.

RazoRock says:

And, more forgiving than pxg 0311 gen 6 xp and ping g430?

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