6 Hitting Drills to Improve Your Swing

In this video, I show 6 hitting drills to improve your swing. These drills focus more on your hand path and load.

18 thoughts on “6 Hitting Drills to Improve Your Swing

  1. hey Meg, would you suggest your exercises for slow pitch mens league? also, what gym exercises would you suggest? thanks for the videos

  2. Very debatable, I'd like to see the tee low inner half instead of waist high and outer half of the plate and see the results. It's a launch swing with an early commit . Interesting.

  3. Hi Meg… This was super helpful. I have a young player that is making the transition to my 18u team, (she's13) And she has an awful dip. I do not mean just a shoulder dip. It looks like her whole back half is dropping. I've tried a few types of drills, and while on the tee, or even with soft-toss. We have it 75% corrected. But when up against the machine, and/or live pitching, she seem to go back to the dipping. Any suggestions on how to keep the back half from dropping considerably?? Your advise is greatly appreciated, and HIGHLY valued!

  4. I enjoy your videos, very informative. I am coaching here in Washington. I believe in breaking all of the skills down so the players have every advantage to better themselves and be competitive. Good work!

  5. How many reps of each is recommended? We currently get about 1 hour weekly at the indoor facility with 2 lanes and typically have 6-7 girls . Thx!

  6. It’s so refreshing to see someone actually teach hitting with practical drills that actually help you. Too many fly by nights teaching nonsensical drills. From a former MLB player to you. Outstanding video !!

  7. Great video!! how long should my daughter be doing each drill or how many times? She plays 14U competitive but keeps popping the balls up we want more line drives ?.?

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