Golf Swing Power – How To Gain Distance

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Golf Swing Power

Looking for more distance on your tee shots and irons? This video explains how I was able to instantly increase my power by 50 yards.

Back in the day I tried everything to gain more power in my swing. Nothing worked. It seemed the harder I swung, the shorter it went. Then I read Ben Hogan's first book called Power Golf.

After reading how Hogan got more power, I tried it at the course the next day. It was new. It was different but it worked amazingly well. To this day, I still get my golf swing power using this very same method.

If you are struggling with distance, give this a try. It might work as well for you as it did for me.

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Steven James says:

Interesting. I dont feel anything in my legs when i swing. This is what im going to work on next week at the range.

clincher16 says:

It works !!!!! Just tried it at the range.Will try to incorporate into my swing….along with the other 25 things I need to remember. Haha….Thanks so much!

Sam Celentino says:

Hi Paul, at 64 I lost a lot of distance. Your help with hip turn has helped me a lot. I am more relaxed and hitting it farther. Great Videos

Monica Eckert says:

P.S. My name is Terry Eckert

Monica Eckert says:

Paul I'm a 65 year golfer who has played golf since 1974 . I started watching your videos two weeks ago and I've went the 60 s down to the 40 s . You are truly my hero when it comes to the game of golf. God Bless you and Thank YOU

Darren P says:

I've been trying your method on the range and having great success. I'm a 2 hndcp but have always been inconsistent with my driver because I use my arms too much on the downswing. Hitting the center of the club face is a lot of fun now! Question…should I start my hip turn right before I complete my shoulder turn or complete the turn first?

Anthony Barnes says:

Thanks Paul, i am 52, from the UK, last 2 years my HC has gone from 5.9 to 8, really been struggling, poor striking, blocking right, duck hooks shanks. Been watching ur videos and it highlighted to me that i was trying to force the club, not swinging the club. Just got back from range, swung easy and the strike and distance is back. Its a hard concept, even for a single figure HCer but its 100% correct. Not saying it is easy, muscle memory and ur brain still tell you to smack it :-), correct body turn, lower body is essential but i am back on the right track, thanks again for the videos

steven hackett says:

Just had a look at my copy of Ben Hogan's Power Golf. On page 50 there is an illustration of a player approaching what in modern terms is the delivery position. In Hogan's own words he says " The wrists are just beginning to uncock and the right foot is giving that decided push I use to get added power"…..can't wait for my tennis elbow to go away so I can make a decent try at Paul WIlson's tips…..

Ira Shoff says:

Starting downswing with right leg caused inside SHANKS on me.

John Pfistner says:

Paul Wilson's teachings with hitting driver is awesome! I'm a huge slicer or should I say, was a huge slicer. I had to get back to basics with the driver, not to just to cure my slice, but to gain power, and to check up my set up. I had purchased a set of videos from his Body Swing series and he explains all that happens with the swing along with your body and how to use your body to hit awesome drives and this includes several drills he demonstrated. My distance was 200 and is now 250 (still working hip drills). My spin is under 2000rpm and my swing speed was in mid 70's and now it's around high 80 to low 90 mph. I've always made good contact with the ball but with no power and trying force that power, I would slice. Banana balling to the fairway from the last hole I played. Not any more! I have so much confidence with my driver where I'm more relaxed coming off the tee especially with other players. (I was always embarrassed of my tee shots) Thank you, Paul, with so many instructional videos out there, I find your teachings best suits the type of swing I have and eliminating a lot of conflicting instructions that is out there on the golf swing. Thank you, Paul!…Lastly, I use to be a spinner going to the downswing. The problem was my club was not in sync with the hip snap. You actually feel a slight delay of the club head behind you before impact. It is effortless power!

Frank chiew says:

Paul you the best!

Tyler Evans says:

Paul think you

Sundance Kick says:

Always good.

Dad Maxx says:

There's a lot of ways to get power. Allowing the weight of the club to release me (my wrists) through the ball is my key to effortless power. I find that anytime I try to hit the ball hard, the wrists tend to lock up and I hit a massive push. I think you can also setup in a way that makes it easier. You need to get behind the ball and make sure that you're hitting the ball on the way up. I also favor a slightly stronger grip which adds some distance too.

Art Golfer says:

Paul Wilson is perhaps the best golf teacher I've seen. He has totally changed my concept of what a proper golf swing should be like. I intend to watch one of his videos each day before I go out to play a round of golf to help me get to swinging the golf club to maximize clubhead speed and, therefore, distance. Thanks for the very clear instruction.

Steve Upisleeve says:

6/14/17 ~ Folks; this guy saved my butt in a match I had today! Though I still need a bit more work to duplicate Paul's exact swing, I had it enough to make a distinct difference in my foursome match that I wound up winning today! It's all because I watched this very vid here on Youtube this morning. I then scurried (squirrel-esque like) to the range and worked the swing out, then EFFORTLESSLY sent ALL of my shots screaming off the face of my clubs during my round, & I'm almost 60 years old. It worked for fairway woods, long & short irons & even bunker shots! I didn't have a perfect round, but it was a GOOD round on a course I had never played until today. I hit shots solid enough to match all other drives off the tee (or better), not to mention 2 birdies (and the chance for 8 more) and a beautiful flop shot that holed out! I LOVE this method and am VERY grateful to you Paul for your insight in regards to a quick fix to ANYONE'S swing. Props Dude; Props & MEGA THANKS!

Anthony DelGigante says:

I just ordered Swing machine. Can't wait for it to get here.

Aaustinhh says:

Wow. 0:001:30 is exactly how I feel now!! Hope this helps me:) You have a new sub. I'm 15 almost 16 and around 100 lbs, 5'5 so I'm a tiny kid and I really struggle with distance I only hit it around 200-220 and on a normal par 4 it can take me 3 shots to hit the green sometimes and that's where I really struggle to get pars and why I get more bogeys

giorgioerrani says:

great lessons from this guy…

F. D. says:

Thank You , helped me a lot! Keeping it simple is the Key for a youtube Video on Golf technique.

Mike Rodrick says:

Hi Paul;
I saw this video a few years ago & came back to it today because I'm either pulling or slicing because of turning my hips too quickly through the shot, especially short irons & driver. When I watched it this time in slow motion, it looks as if your knees are turning 1st which creates the sync for everything else to follow. Knees, hips, torso & arms. I'm turning my hips at the same time as my knees which gets me in front of the ball too quickly with my arms too far behind to catch up & am actually losing power. Does that sound about right? Thanks. Mike.

Joe Salerno says:

Do you use that movement with your irons?

Michael Yardley says:

Of the hundreds (thousands?) of people trying to explain these things on youtube; your explanations have provided me more of those "ah ha" moments in my practice than anyone else. Thank you sir.

Andy M says:

You can really speed up your hips with this motion as a workout doing it multiple times.

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