Tommy Fleetwood’s Golf Swing Is Just INCREDIBLE! | How To Hit Your Irons Like Tommy | ME AND MY GOLF

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Tommy Fleetwood’s Golf Swing Is Just INCREDIBLE! | How To Hit Your Irons Like Tommy – In this weeks video, we are excited to share with you our first ever video with Tommy Fleetwood! Tommy shares with us what makes his swing so good and provides you with a lot of great tips that are perfect for amateurs.

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24 thoughts on “Tommy Fleetwood’s Golf Swing Is Just INCREDIBLE! | How To Hit Your Irons Like Tommy | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. I wish I could afford to have some top tier golf lessons and unlimited range time.. I love playing but trying to learn on the fly from YouTube videos is tough

  2. Came he from the sidebar just to say this …
    Golf swings by themselves do not win Majors. There are so many "pretty" golf swings out there but only a few Major winners. I'd go as far to say the golf swing is far less than half the game. Good putting, competitor temperament and course management combined are more important than any "pretty" golf swing.
    Time after time videos focus on just swings and the futile quest for "perfection".
    But the body normalises to a "feel" so whatever mechanics you create, the individual moves will drift out of calibration. Theres no magic, just maintenance of what you have.
    And we have constant claims to add "30 yards" too with some sort of "magic move" or piece of equipment. Always "30 yards"!! It's obvious they can't all work, else everyone would be hitting it 500 yards plus!
    I can only presume most golfers are fairly dimwitted; they just want to "whack it", and obsess with the long game. Maybe testosterone has flooded brains and compromised intelligence?
    Obsession with technique and "magic" moves has generated millions of automatons and players like Charles Howell. Also-rans who beat millions of balls with all sorts of gimmicks trying to be "perfect".
    To score you need to get the ball in the hole and that can be done consistently without OCD focus on aesthetics.
    Still, keep up the "magic move" videos and claims to add "30 yards" to tee shots eh? It's great clickbait isn't it?
    Rant over 😉 lol

  3. Credit to Tommy where it's due.

    but let's all agree that Colin and Tiger are significantly better at irons and even Team Taylormade says that lmao ?

  4. Awesome ball striker, should be perfectly suited to The Open conditions. I think that's his best chance of winning a Major⛳?️

  5. I definitely think he will win at least a couple of majors at his two preferred venues of the Open or the Masters because they both really require great iron play and great putting. All Tommy needs is to display some great putting for 4 rounds and that will be his week. The competition is fierce on Tour so he has to get really hot on a Sunday.

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