Fred Couples swing in slow motion (every angle)

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Fred Couples has one of the most iconic swings in golf history. Even since turning 50, his swing is still amazing to watch, especially in slow motion.

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Charles Tea says:

My company used to sponsor the Wendy's Three Tour Challenge and seeing Fred warm up @ the driving range was unreal. I think it's cool that he doesn't wear a glove, that would mess up the feel of his grip.

Julia-6 says:

I could watch Fred all day.

Corey and Nathaniel Chartier says:

Freddie definitely lets the club do the work. Same way you swing an axe……

bengolfs1 says:

Mount Rushmore. The Statue of Liberty. The Golden Gate Bridge. And Fred Couples' swing. All American treasures.

Dark Energy Matter says:

What style amazing swing

Dennis Phillips says:

What beautiful swing that I've ever seen

LeeseMedia says:

Seems almost single plane with driver..

Marc-André Leduc says:

8:08 The head doesn't move an inch !

RuckusOutfitters says:

it’s freaky how motionless his head stays throughout the swing, it’s got me thinking that’s the key to everything 🤔 can’t wait to hit the range and work on that.

RICHARD Wardrop says:

Awesome video, look how still his head is every time.

DAVID R says:

He & Ernie Els have the most effortless swings i have seen

Robert Bird says:

That’s not the swing of a 62 year old! 😄

Dave Stout says:

Absolutely amazing golf swing! I could watch it all day long. So inspiring!!!

Scott Rackley says:

I didn't know he was that free with his right hand grip at release.

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