In this video Neil Tappin takes a look at how to find the right 14 clubs for your game. Most golfers know they need even distance gaps through the bag but choosing your clubs requires you to think about a series of other factors. Do you have the right clubs for your course? Does your driver prevent you from hitting your bad shot? These are the things all golfers need to consider when they think about building the right set for their game.

Here are the 7 Golf Gear Tips!
1 Gapping
2 Wedge Lofts
3 Wedge Bounce Angles
4 Driver
5 Course Conditions
6 Putter
7 Irons

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  1. I’m in a tough spot because my 5 wood is only 1 degree off of my 4 iron, but my hybrid is 2 degrees off my 4. Should I keep the 5 wood, or eliminate the woods and keep the hybrid? Thanks

  2. I'm not too sure about what the "final" setup of my bag will be at the high end as I need to hit distances consistently first. So a bit of work needed there but for now it's Driver, 2i, 5 wood, 4-PW, 50, 54 and 50.
    Very interesting to see all the comments on this for sure 🙂

  3. 3w
    1 iron
    3 iron
    6 iron
    8 iron
    P wedge
    I walk and carry, sometimes a driver gets added depending on the course and how reliable it is at the time. These clubs are the most reliable for me. It is most likely pure psych but it works for me and the bag is light.
    Great information in your videos.
    Have a nice day.

  4. I’ve got in my bag(all titleist )

    TS2 10.25 driver
    TS2 14.25 fairway
    TS2 17 hybrid
    718 tmb 3-gw
    Sm7 54.10 s wedge

    The only thing non titleist is my evnroll er2 putter

  5. Dr, 3w, Hy2, Hy4, 5i – PW, 54 and 60 wedges & Putter. I also have 50 wedge but it goes the same distance as my PW so it's a wasted club in my bag that I've got to do something about.

  6. I know this sounds strange, but for the really keen golfers it is actually sometimes good to make your selection on the conditions of the day- so having 15 or 16 clubs in the boot to select from can help. e.g. course condition hard or soft, rough height, wind condition etc The most common area I believe is the choice of a 5 wood versus a 19 hybrid

  7. Sadly manufacturers competing for our attention and money have contributed to gapping and club playability issues for your average golfer. The obvious issue is strong lofts, requiring almost a second mini bag for our wedge collections. The second and less talked about is the longer irons with strong lofts, many 5irons have the equivalent lofts of an old 3/4 iron. How many of us enjoyed success with those. On a positive note most golfers could benefit by carrying long iron replacements. I would argue that manufacturers should fix the gap at the bottom and not require us to fill up our bags with wedges, and unwanted weight. Oh! Of course we can buy their lightweight bag to assist there, and their new " lightweight" distance, spinning ball! Ha!

  8. sold my driver about 3months ago as i replaced it with a 2iron and thats the best thing iv done for my golf game. In my bag iv got 2iron 3wood 4-pw irons a 52 and 60 degree wedges and my putter. Im happy with my game and play to my handicap so iv found the set up that works me me.

  9. I've recently ditched the gap wedge for a 5 wood. I find it easier to knock 15 yards (about) off a PW than it was to hit a 3 hybrid 15 yards longer or 3 wood 15 yards shorter. Also ditched the hybrid for a 7 wood. As a 2.2 handicap index golfer hybrids seem to go left on me. I liked being able to play it from poor lies 200 plus so the 7 wood was the next step and its great. Dr, 3w, 5w, 7w, 4-pw, 54, 60 and putter.

  10. my most expensive club in the bag is my putter… i invested in the club i use the most 🙂 im still using a second hand set that i picked up for £50 (apart from the putter) im playing of 20 at present and i just broke 90 before lockdown… 😀 keep up the awesome content..

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