Longer Distance without Swing Change – Golf with Michele Low

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Grumpy Old Guy says:

I expected Tee Time with ! Enjoying your channel, always learning something useful.

aresbe says:

Michele ~ Please consider a more in-depth lecture regarding different ball compressions and shaft tensions. After today, I may be buying the wrong balls (90 compression) or using the wrong shafts (senior flex). Thanks. Walk in beauty.

Shahid Khan says:

Thank you so much Michelle

xiaoyun guan says:

真是太巧了Michele, 我昨天才跟一个球友讨论,为什么我的球比其他女球员飞得相对高一些,但却不一定能比她们远,那位球友说跟球有关系。由于都是业余球员,她无法清楚地告诉我具体的区别,我当时还将信将疑… 你今天就上传了这条video,解答了我的疑问。之前你那条关于如何控制自己情绪的片子也是这么巧,谢谢你哦??

Albert Beasley says:

As always your awesome. Great input on things to do or try. ??⛳❤?

Jim Kang says:

When I try to hit driver a little further, I move my hands up one inch to the top of the grip and maintain my tempo. But only on the range for fun.

Albert Tam says:

Love the way you teach..

boss Liu says:


Philip Chan says:

Not forgetting the flex of the shaft. Use a less stiff shaft.

Bob Burch says:

Thank you for the video. You are amazing

How You says:

I took the advice to short my shaft and now hit about 50 yards longer.

Bruce Ford says:

i have tried all the above and can confirm each makes a difference. Perhaps the most effective one is the longer shaft. You can pick up significant distance here depending on current shaft length. A word of caution however. The increase in length will necessitate tempo and sequencing or attention , like me you may find yourself playing from the rough. great for vanity but not for score. The feel for me was slow ad smooth and as an aggressive swinger i had difficulty.

Phil M says:

Thanks Michele. What ball compression do you think would suit a 85 – 90 mph driver swing ??

Sawang 0908 says:

Thank you Michele



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