7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing Golf

I really wish I knew these things before I started golf! This is my best golf advice for beginners and even players of any skill level.

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Watch reviews of good clubs for beginners:

Stix Golf Clubs: https://youtu.be/fYiXqnabd4E
Costco Edge Set: https://youtu.be/_be4Nq1iJYc
Tommy Armour Irons: https://youtu.be/WkaK_iQo0yw


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14 thoughts on “7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing Golf

  1. Great video, a tip I'd add for beginners, linked to your don't swing so hard tip, is to start playing with a shorter "L to L" or "9 O'Clock to 3 O'Clock" type swing. It's a great swing for beginners and a great drill for more experienced players, also if you do a YT search you'll find a number of YT videos teaching and explaining it.

  2. I wish I knew that other golfers are not that good either. I was so scared to play with people because I was bad so I practiced for almost a year putting and chipping and hitting the range and golfing by myself. I wish someone would have said hey golf with us. nobody at this course is trying to go pro.

  3. More people should know this. I play in a group that does what this video suggests and we see a LOT of " Golfers " that play the " Tips " and Shouldn't… We All get stuck behind them and Actually let folks play through our 2 or 3 group capacity group we have and ALL are still bogged down on a course of people/ golfers on their 3/4th shot before we can even tee off. Thank you for your Videos and getting the word out on All aspects of this game I love

  4. I guess my best tip is to know your carry distances for each club. Total distance is a bit less important. Also select your typical or average carry to write down not the 1/10 absolute best shot

  5. All good advice cheers. Think the algorithm is starting to like you as I found this video on an “up next” from another channel. Cheers

  6. I'd recommend buying a punch pass at the range you go to the most and if u practice a lot that will save you some money in the long run

  7. Really useful information! The “not swinging hard” tip is really something I think could help me – it was great playing with you this morning

  8. I hit further when I don’t swing so hard or try to kill it. Upgraded now to the P7MB, stiffer shafts and I’m doing so insanely better than I ever have (plus they now correctly fit me), knowing distances is key!

  9. My tip: Every so often, play a round without keeping score. Free your mind of making birdies, pars, and bogeys. Just enjoy your surroundings. It’s a beautiful experience.

  10. Some great points here! Despite having lessons when I was younger, I've only really just learned to hit down on the ball after watching YouTube videos. It really has been a eureka moment, and my ball striking has improved 110%!

    I agree about joining a club. A great shout for new golfers is a club which let's you pay a low yearly fee, say £200, then £5 each time you play, which is the case with my course. Our green fees are £20 for visitors so you don't have to play many times for this to work out cheaper.

    My hot tip would be to play a budget golf ball if you're new to the game. If you've got a hole with OB or water, staring down at a £4 Pro V1 will shift your focus away from the shot because you'll worry about losing it. I'm Kirkland all the way baby ?

  11. For a tee box suggestion is take a average 5-iron distance and be honest, multiple by 36, and choose the tees that most closely match that yardage. I also look at the distance of the par 3’s and make my own hybrid scorecard and a lot of courses are doing that.

  12. The tech mention was great. I wish it was available when I started. I was always jealous of the pros that had the yardage books, while I was pacing my shots off the 150 marker (that was a tree on the side of the fairway). I would have loved a range finder, and I love reviewing my round on Arccos to see where I can improve.

  13. Speaking of game of opposites and slowing down… I slowed down, but am ending up with higher club head/ball speeds. Arccos is helping me also! Glad you and your family are home safe by the way!

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