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John Reid says:

You say the only difference is ball speed but I see it as also the same. You had, although very slightly, faster club speed with the Rogue which would result in a faster ball speed. I see the Ping slightly edging the Rogue because it had the same carry and total distance despite being "slower". At the end of the day though, both are designed to find the fairway so probably can't go wrong with either.

Matthew Stuart says:

What’s with the dots on the face of these drivers?

Curb Appeal NE says:

For me the stealth looks like the equivalent of a focus st with big bore exhaust while the callaway looks like a nice Aston Martin. Sometimes less is more.

jjs says:

How about putting a one inch circle sticker on sweet spot and then hit 20 balls outside that circle and see how they perform on off hits. A pro hitting clubs doesn't let me know how I will do with club.

Jordan says:

you should incorporate more Ad's, the 18 you get during this video is not enough.

Cameron Morley says:

This man wants the wheel reinvented or what. Ball go far, ball go straight, me happy.

ant john says:

I’ve had the g425 spins like crazy- just bought the triple diamond it’s made a huge difference for me 👍

Jonathan T says:

did you test the Rouge and Stealth with stock shafts?

Jon Hughes says:

It bugs me that look and name, which have nothing to do with performance!!!!, are considered. Doesnt my club look good! and the name like wow!!……but its sh**te!!

Jon Doyle says:

Dang…there are only two factors that comprise "forgiveness" in a golf club – distance and direction. Why the heck did you ignore dispersion comparisons in a forgiveness review?

Matt Mayor says:

What a world we live in that people would rather have talking points instead of a solid driver that does exactly what it says it's going to do.

I think the vast majority of golfers would be happier telling their buddies that their new club hits as long as the Taylormade and more forgiving than the ping than telling them it's actually got 16grams more carbon fibre than last year's model

AOS Guitars says:

I'm a Callaway guy. And I've been lusting over this Rogue ST Max since they released it. Now I want it even more.

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