How to set your hybrid on the ground at address – Golf tip

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How does your iron golf club sit on the ground at address? After we made this video for iron golf clubs, we received request to make this video for hybrids. Is the address position of an iron golf club the same as a hybrid? NO, it isn't the same! I show you how and why.


0:00 intro
0:39 difference between iron and hybrid
1:30 how to set the hybrid on the ground
2:41 summary

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► Filmed on location at Ternesse Golf & Country Club

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– Tom Blanckaert (PGA Professional)
– Quentin van Soldt (Producer)



We play golf says:

Also check out my video about the perfect iron position at:

John Higgins says:

Does this also apply to Hybrid irons? I just recently bought 6 to sw

Lorne Gorman says:

Hi. I just very recently discovered your videos. Very helpful. Just curious about the idea of tilting the hybrid to the heel or toe depending on the ball above or below your feet. Would you consider doing the same thing with irons when the ball is above or below feet? Thanks.

A.R. Online says:

Sorry. That was difficult to watch. When an instructor is looking for their words, jt is distracting for the listener. And when you have the option to reshoot the video after a tentative narration, you’re telling me you don’t care about quality. With the massive selection of golf instruction videos available, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Sorry. I will stick with the guys who explain in ways that are clear and easy to understand. Bye.

williamseric740 says:

I am a beginner. What do you mean by "below or above your feet"?

RavenThom says:

That really helps! TY

B's Weekly Football picks and lineups 2021 says:

Can you explain the swing of the hybrid and swing of 5 Wood? Position is great but i am trying to figure out if swing is more like wood or iron? I am a 28 handicapper.

Joel T says:

I will work on this. As a beginner or someone who just plays for "fun", I go thru stages with my clubs, right now I cannot properly hit my hybrid off the fairway to save my life!! LOL!

Chris L says:

Have you done an updated video on doing a draw or fade? The way you teach, it's very simple to understand and with those two topics it seems as if it gets a bit confusing. I was hoping you could clear that up.

Jack Kinoff says:

Great video for me

I just finally bought a 3 and a 4 Hybrid for the first time

One social round and one visit to the driving range later I am regretting my pig headedness to not get one sooner

Great video for me as I am still trying to work out how to hit them properly


Golf Duff says:

Never though about this. So great video👍 Thanks.

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