Adam Scott golf swing (down-the-line) analysed by Claude Harmon III of Sky Sports, February 2016

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Claude Harmon III takes a close look at Adam Scott's golf swing during the Honda Classic, February 2016.

All footage from Sky Sports.


joeblowjohndoe says:

Ahhh the turn your upper body against your lower body days…. a million sore backs and block shots later and it's just a memory. Now we're enjoying the "everything you know about the golf swing is a myth and I have the top secret theory that can fix your swing" days lol

Tobin Ernst says:

Can I buy that swing?

Va B says:

Perfect swing. But not everyone can perform it, especially people shorter than 6feet

Phil Snelman says:


Shaun Kelly says:

This isn't really down the line… Very misleading.

Steve Pryor says:

Great analysis

Alexi Aragon says:

Thanks 👍🏽

Colorado_koolaid says:

And has the best clubs, titleist 👌

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