Watch Rory Mcilroy Perfect Range Session (Down The Line) | Warm up Swings

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Seth Turner says:

Focused on his spine tilt, I’ve had an issue with coming out of the shot too often, leading in hand flips and thin, fat, etc shots. It’s almost like you’re hitting the ball sideways…if that makes sense.

Craig says:

Look how perfectly square the divots are and the noise of the strike. This is like golf paired with perfect gardening 👍

Matthew Larose says:

I'll always love playing this game…but its so infuriating how easy these guys make it look while I can't seem to get more than 3 (out of like 8) things you need to do properly to have a swing that looks (and plays) anything close to this. But damn it, I'll be out there trying till I physically can't do it anymore. Maybe I'll be up to 5 things I have correct in my swing by then lol.

Adam Wenner says:

Focused on his footwork — great video for swing his weight shift to the front of the lead foot and the lift of the rear foot as weight is removed from that leg.

먹패밀리 says:

스윙급하다 급해

Ashton Au says:

How pure do those shots sound 🤤

stanley chun says:

His swing looks much more compact than it did at the beginning of season.

LabGorilla says:

Must be quite boring for him. To also know that when he gets on the course, he will shoot a round in the mid to high 70s

Teddy W Gardner says:

Bruh with his divots, you could honestly make some artwork 🤣

JT Akbar says:

How come the guys with the best swings don't win as much?

MegaTigerfan1 says:

🐝 – you – tiff – FULL!

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