Jessica Korda Golf Swing – Hybrid (down-the-line & face-on), Evian Championship, Sept 2018.

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Golf swing with Hybrid (face-on and down-the-line view) from the 17th Tee – par 4 of 331 yards (Evian Championship 2018) at Evian Resort Golf Club, Evian-les-Bains, (France), pro-am day (Wednesday 12th September) 2018.

High-speed video taken with Sony RX10 IV camera at 250 fps and a 1/3200 shutter speed.


Ken Zaccaria says:

How is it possible two sisters have this high degree of golf talent and perfection

Traci Burn says:

Picture perfect swing!

Shizi7 says:

Which hybrid is she using and what was in her bag at the time? Thanks for the video; I love her swing.

Golf Finland ป้าช่างรักสุขภาพ says:


franz says:

When watching swings of pros on YT, I always focus on the takeaway. Because of her height, she can creat a big arc and keep the backswing compact. Her tempo is excellent and always in rhythm. Her swing sequence is on spot with her lower body rotation. I use her video as part of my swing thoughts to smoothen my takeaway and stay on rhythm for perfect contact. The rest will follow with distance and accuracy when all these elements are in place.

rich s says:

not much can go wrong with that swing, not a big move away and no need to move back (re-center) , simply stays over the ball

Fernando Aguilera says:

Hi how are you Can i asku something. did you are my friend in Instagram ? I.m Fernando

maxwellhowell says:

Nelly's swing is one of my favorites

Asterisk Talley says:

Best swing on tour

Peter Hammer says:

beautiful swing, maybe the best on the LPGA tour

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